Getting Started with Yoga

Easy ways to get Started with Yoga

1.   Ask your Friends if they have done Yoga and would recommend a good studio

It is very important as a beginner to find a studio that is comfortable for you.  Although many of the Yoga poses are the same from studio to studio, the method of instruction and personality of the teacher will be very different.   If you have no experience with Yoga, it's usually a good idea to ask your friends first to see if they have any recommendations.


2.   Buy your own Yoga Mat

Although some Yoga studios will have extra mats, you should definitely invest in a Yoga mat of your own.   There's no telling how many times the Yoga mats have been used in the studio and considering people sweat on them and walk on them with bare feet, you would be wise to buy your own.   You can buy a mat for less than $20 on 


3.   Keep an open Mind

Like anything in life, the first time you try something you might feel uncomfortable.    There will be words you've never heard of and poses you've never tried.   Keep an open mind and realize that you're in a supportive environment and nobody cares what you look like, even if you feel awkward at first.   A good teacher will help to make sure you are in the various poses correctly so you don't injury yourself and get the maximum benefit from the stretching.  

4.  Hatha and Vinyasa

You will probably see these two words when you start researching Yoga classes.   Vinyasa is fast paced, while Hatha yoga is slower.  Hatha yoga is good for beginners, who are new to yoga and are learning yoga postures. Since the pace of Hatha yoga is gentle and slow, it is easier for beginners to learn the postures, the breathing techniques and the principles of yoga. Vinyasa yoga, on the other hand, should be attempted by people who already know yoga


5.  Consistency is key

Although you will probably feel great after your first class, I've found that going to yoga consistently (maybe 3 times a week) can really make a tremendous difference in my mental and physical energy.  Remember that Yoga is not just about stretching, but it also has a lot to do with breathing and training your mind to relax.   Our lives are so hectic and we often times forget to appreciate the small things in life such as the beauty of the breath or having a  clear mind.  Yoga will help restore your mental clarity and physical energy.