When one hears the word live chat, probably the first thing that comes to our minds is online chatting (in virtual chat rooms), chatting with friends over an online messenger. Basically the concept of live chat software lies on that idea: online chatting, but there is much more to it than that.

For the past decade we were introduced to the benefits of e-commerce and how it has revolutionized the way business is done. But doing business nowadays consist merely on having your company displayed on a website? Far from it..

No matter how much time we spend flipping around the cyber space, internet still lacks of one but very important thing: Human touch. No matter how train people are, or how fast computers are, there are still humans on the other side of the screen. At least for now. And lets face it, no matter how many website we have visited and purchased from, we always have some unanswered questions about a product, and why not, we all need some pampering too.

Real vs virtual shop

Real shops usually count with an inner space where the products can be seen and appeal to the human eye; they also have their spaces designed in a way that would reflect the company's image. Last, and most importantly, real shops have the human ingredient: a sales person who will greet new customers as soon as they cross the doorway and assist them in their shopping.

E-commerce websites can provide online visitors many benefits in terms of window shopping and price comparison, but when it comes to customer service, phone and e-mail support can not replace the shop assistant. This is where the live chat operator enters the world of e-commerce.

Live chat software provides basically, the possibility of monitoring website visitors in real time: the "operator" - the equivalent of the in-store sales person- is able to "see" who is inside the "shop", "walk" with him throughout it, as well as answer the customer's questions. If a visitor is looking at some product , the operator can help help him make a decision and even cross-sell other product. Suffice it to say, live chat software can address the lack of human touch of e-commerce and help companies in leveraging their business.