Intuit web builder is a content management system (CMS) that is designed for simple use. All you need to do is choose between their array of templates, decide the content you wish to add and that’s it. It is seen as one of the best and most affordable web CMS sites around. Website services are just one of the options offered by Intuit who also help businesses with accounting matters. They have also been named in the Forbes top 100 list of the most innovative companies.

Intuit website builder comes with a free 30 day trial. Once this is concluded, you need to be careful because you are automatically charged for the Starter package if you don’t act to either accept a package or cancel your subscription. There are three main packages:

  • Personal: $7.99 a month, 5GB bandwidth a month and 25MB of storage
  • Business: $19.99 a month, 100GB bandwidth a month, 5GB of storage and it comes with free domain and email
  • Professional: $49.99 a month, 500GB bandwidth a month, 10GB of storage with everything the business package has plus additional help increasing your site’s traffic and an unlimited number of pages

Intuit seems to have everything a small business needs when it comes to a web CMS. You can build a website without any programming ability or computer savvy thanks to the drag and drop system employed. There is also an online storage center which will keep all content you have created safe. Other features include spell checking and web importing. Another handy feature of Intuit is the way in which you can see any changes you make to your site through the eyes of visitors. Other web builders force you to preview everything you’ve just created which can be time consuming.

When you build your site on Intuit, a snapshot is taken as a means of backup. These pictures will last for three weeks in total. Although there is no method of defining user roles, you can test the changes made before the site goes public. If you have an online store created on your site, there is also an SSL encryption option for added protection.

In theory, Intuit should have excellent customer service. After all, the site promises customers access to web advisors seven days a week. You have the option to contact them via phone or email and the site is filled with information in tutorial form. This all seems great on the surface but beneath this professional exterior lies a follow-up system that is less than stellar. You cannot even access the help center without an account. Trying to find the information you need on the site is hard because things aren’t clearly defined. The Help Ticket system is also needlessly complicated and it can take days for Intuit to respond to queries or cries for help. Not exactly what a small business needs.

Overall, the actual site is excellent for small businesses and the Business package offers more than enough for any mid-sized company and at a reasonable price. Intuit gives you complete control over your site. However, if you encounter problems, it may take longer than is acceptable to receive aid.

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