My experience with intuition

What is intuition? From the dictionary, it refers it as "the ability to understand something instinctively, without the need for conscious reasoning".

To me, intuition is something that is mysterious yet magical. At times, I feel that it resembles a divine entity. I am not trying to put any religion topic out here for discussion, instead, I would like to share my knowledge about intuition, an innate quality which I believe is in everyone, based on my own experience. I understand that many believe that intuition is something irrational, thus it cannot be explained through logic. However, I believe that its irrationality only applies in application, its very function can still be explained, at least. 



Do you ever had moments when you experienced a weird and subtle feeling in you, probably a gut feeling alike? Have you ever wondered what this feelings might be? Most importantly, have you ever felt overwhelmed when you are deep in thoughts, perhaps negative thoughts?

Many would agree that it is almost common sense to feel negative when you are lingering on to negative thoughts. After all, you feel good by thinking about postive thoughts and vice versa. This is definitely true to a large extent, but for the depressed individuals out there, I understand that sometimes things are even more complicated than it seems. The wound in you just do not heal with mere positive thinking, although it is the first step to move on. However defeated you might feel, you must always have faith in life itself, your inner self never gives up even in the most desperate situation, in fact it is created to go only in one direction, that is to greatness. Your inner self is none other than your very own intuition, and you are living with it since birth, perhaps unknowingly. 

There are countless of explanations out there attributing intuition to the sixth sense. (Clairvoyance and the like). I however, know nothing about this yet. Hopefully in the coming years, I would come to have a taste of clairvoyance (haha). Jokes aside, my intention of writing this article is to share my experiences and study of intution. I would not be bold to say I have figured everything out, that would be complacent. Ever since learning to live intuitively, it has become  a humble journey, where learning never stops. I am still a greenhorn in this, still learning, still striving in this spiritual pursuit, because my experiences had made me believe that this is the way I should go. I am a freethinker by the way. 

Across the globe, if there are others sharing the same experiences as me, hi-5! It comforts me to know that I am not alone in this (haha). So here goes.

First I would like to talk about the mind. (All these are based from my experiences, so please pardon me if you think I have gotten it wrong. After all, everyone's jounrey is different and unique). Everyone knows that inner peace comes from a clear mind. But what is a clear mind? Is it the ability to think about nothing at all? A completely empty mind? Perhaps it can be achieved momentarily, but I do find it nearly impossible to achieve, it stresses my mind instead. Being a troubled kid since young, I would jump on any idea if someone were to tell me that this or that could help me keep my calm. Later into my teenage years, I realised that I could be having anxiety disorder since young. 

deep thoughts

Deep in thoughts once again, I sometimes wonder what would the prehistoric or premodern man do when they are diagnose with anxiety disorder or any other type of mental disorder like depression and so on. Back in the days, there were not even a proper medical term to these. This was also when I got the AHA moment. I strongly believe that these 'disorders' should not even be termed as medical disorder, it just makes people think that they are sick which is even more depressing. I on the other hand, believe it to be more of life's calling or lessons. I cannot help but agree that we learn best when life hits us hard in the face. 

punch in the face

Imagine a world without technology and competing societies, what would you live for? What would you wake up for? Picture a serene environmentlandscape you would wake up to, perhaps a country side. Now you are a free man, free from all troubles that stem from modern civilisation. Now your being does not require you to work like a machine, but only live for that moment. I bet myriad of self-existential questions would bombard you. Then perhaps you would dive deeper into your thoughts searching for answers. Imagine yourself as a third person looking at yourself deep in thoughts, you would certainly look troubled, or as the modern man would call it 'depression'. Bear in mind that I am not associating over thinking with depression, but  over thinking could indeed lead to depression. It is however, natural to feel some sort of negativity when one over thinks. 

Depression could come from a bad experience with relationships, or the lost of love ones.  It is the excessive thinking that causes it to happen and the negativity in it that makes us handicapped in a way or another. I believe that it is the same for anxiety disorder as well. It is the excessive thinking that manifest something fake to appear real. societyPerhaps excessive thinking is becoming a social problem that it has to be given a medical term to excuse individuals from work or whatever that could impede social progression. If given a substantial amount of time and the right environment, I strongly believe that depressed individuals could heal and step out of negativity, only to emerge stronger. 

How would it feel like to have a doctor telling you," hey, after several tests and obervations done, you are medically diagnosed with depression or anxiety disorder. You have to take these medications (which you know would not help long term)  and have counselling sessions until you have recovered."  Damn, I bet it doesnt feel good to be given a label, but in this day and age, with such a hectic lifestyle, it pays to seek for help, medically or not I am not so sure, but socially definitely helps. It is best if you have a friend to confide in, it sure helps to balance your state of mind, which I will be talking about next. 


I believe that there are two sides to our mind, in which it has to be kept in balance to promote postive and healthy living. I use this as a basis to study as well, which has offered me invaluable insights.  The awareness and thinker are two sides that I believe to exist in the mind. Moving in and out of these are our consciousness. If we spent to much time in either of these sides, it causes the whole state of mind to go unbalanced. Obviously, positivity grows in a balanced state of mind while negativity grows in an unbalanced one. We do not have to spend to much time thinking about these, because it is being monitored by our intuition, our inner guidance. This is just an understanding that happens in the background. Your intuition is created to help you achieve a balanced state of mind, an unbalanced state of mind has no guidance. 

So, in your awareness, you are basically aware of things that are happening around you, in short, you are living on the outside, aware of life happening on the outside, and aware of what you need to do, that is why it is important for you to have a dream, an ambition, so that when your consciousness is in your awareness, your intuition will guide you on things that you need to do that will positively impact you and lead you to greatness. Simply put, when you live intuitively, your intuition will guide you to becoming the best that you can be. Without a dream, even when you are in your awareness, you would be at lost because you do not know what you ought to do. Then, you go back into your thinker side, thinking and thinking again, eventually causing the entire state of mind to go unbalanced, and you feel negative again as a result of it.

There is a time under heaven for everything to happen. Sometimes it is the perfect time to think, sometimes it is the perfect time to be living in your awareness, knowing what is going on around you and knowing that what you are doing will positively affect your life.

Your intuition is a mere feeling, thats guides you to achieving a balanced state of mind. That being said, you do not get to feel it almost immediately, you have to gradually be more aware about this feeling and it will grow in you. man at topThe more you learn to live intutively, the better you become. It is not easy, but not hard either, but it is a life long journey I believe. 

And as long as you are living in a balanced state of mind, your intuition will guide you to bring out the best side of you, regardless of situation. Have you ever wondered why you are reacting in a certain manner out of the infinite possibilities? Like playing soccer, have you ever wondered why you have kicked the ball this way instead of the infinite possiblies that are available? As you write a sentence, have you ever wondered why it was written in such a structure and not the others? All this time, your intuition is at work guiding you. It strives to bring out the best side of you, be it to convey an idea, to play a game, to run or to give a speech. Your best side could probably only get you 55/100 for your mathematics test, but still that is your best side, that is the best you. To improve then, you have to learn to do better than your current best. You could put in conscious positive effort to practise your mathematics test, just like how iron sharpens  iron, this practice will hone your skills in mathematics as well, allowing you to have a new best. Thus, your intution could bring out a new best in you. 

Your best side will always be displayed when you are living intuitively, when you are living in a balanced state of mind, because it is the only place where goodness grows. In an unbalanced state of mind, your intuition's only goal is to guide you back to achieving a balanced state of mind. Learn to be aware of your intuition, and you will get better over time.

Intuition is created for greatness, it is also where your feelings reside, it is your heart. Learn to live with your heart and less with your mind. Your heart is genuine and true. It is not that your mind is not genuine, but by now, everyone should realise that negative thoughts always stem from the mind. Your mind is like a kingdom of thoughts, it houses the positive and negative. If you want the positivity in you to grow, then you have to make conscious postive actions that feed it. A prime example would be horror films. Thoughts run wild after horror films don't they? Spend more time doing what you like, like drawing, moutain biking, bodybuilding, designing, running or whatever that makes you positive, this in turn will feed your positivity. Pave the way for positive thoughts to come into your consiousness. 

Remember that such does not happen overnight. It is a life long journery to learn. It is not easy but not hard either. Nourish your soul right and you will live greater. Your intuition is all seeing and all understanding, all information collected from your senses comes to your intuition, in which it decides how it should be handled to bring out the very best side of you. You just have to live simply, the seemingly complex process are all being handled intuitively. Intuitive living is conscious living.

" You came to this world as a caterpillar, you have to leave as a butterfly" 

There is greatness in everyone, awaiting to be nourished. Believe