Throughout your time playing castle age, be it as a regular player logging in every few minutes to an hour, or a more laid back one, only logging in once a day or even two days as you patiently wait for your energy and stamina bars to top up to full, no doubt you have come across many sorts of units, items and equipment from weapons to armor as well as accessories and of course the occasional magic. All this forms the inventory that comes about in castle age, and is worth making into a spreadsheet and undergoing inventory valuation.

Of course taking inventory valuation in Castle Age would be rather different from that in real life, such as inventory valuation in accounting. This is because while real life inventory evaluation would have to deal with money and net worth and value, the value of castle age inventory lies in its effective attack or defensive power. We thus take stock of the item power within your inventory, at all the different levels from units to weapons.

Fifo for castle age inventory sheets.

This is also known as first in first out, but in the castle age context is slightly different. Here it is probably best rephrased as strongest in weakest out.

Why is that so?

In castle age, you can only bring as much inventory as you have an army size up to a maximum of 501. That is to say, there is a cap and limit as to what you have. The game will automatically select the right items for you. However they do it by the ranking of the biggest accumulated stat pool.

Hydra InventoryAngelic Inventory

For every higher ranked item you get, the lowest item will be kicked out from the bottom of your army item pool. Say you obtain one more Cronus at 60/60, you would eliminate your lowest unit, perhaps an angelic sentinel at about 20/24. Knowing this allows you to plot out what your estimated value of your item inventory is. If you want a quick run down on what the game will compute that your general will bring into battle, just get into a random invasion and they will show the items coming out.

If you need help making the excel spreadsheet, here is how to make a sample inventory sheet.