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Inversion table therapy for pain relief isn't a far fetched idea or a fad it really does work. Or I should say it can work depending on how it is done and how often. For any type of therapy to work it must be done consistently and inversion table therapy isn't any different. The way I got introduced to inversion table therapy was by accident when my back was hurting really bad. I was lying down on the bed and had to bend over the end of the bed to get something and when I did it took the pressure off of my lower back and I immediately felt relief. So, instead of getting back up I laid there bent over the bed on my stomach with my head near the floor. I found myself not wanting to move because the back pain had subsided.

At the time I had no idea that I was doing is inversion table therapy with the bed sort of being my table. I kept on lying over the bed for the next couple of days, since it was the only thing that gave me significant pain relief. I did ice my back and use the back massager

There are other benefits to using inversion table therapy and one of them is to give the body a full stretch. Our bodies are so used to fighting gravity it's a huge relief on joints and muscles to be stretched with no effort on their part. Inversion table therapy allows the body to fully relax thus leading us to another benefit of inversion table therapy, which is stress relief. Improved circulation is yet another benefit of using an inversion table. Typically circulation is hindered by gravity, not so on the inversion table, but instead it is aiding it thereby improving it. While upside down you also get a better supply of oxygen to the brain, which helps mental alertness. You may be starting to see why inversion table therapy is valuable and not a scam just like I did. If you can't afford an inversion table at least use the bed like I did in the beginning. Actually I still hang off the end of the bed at times.

Inversion Table Therapy at Home

As explained earlier you can do a simulated version of inversion table therapy off the end of the bed, however, its better to use an inversion table to get the full benefit. One of the best things about inversion table therapy is that you can do it at home on your own free time. I believe that if you are consistent and spend a few minutes a day on the inversion table you can prevent back pain and other types of health problems. Inversion table therapy is really as much preventive health care as it is a pain reliever.

You don't have to be afraid to get on an inversion table they are safe you just need to get one that holds your weight. In addition, you have control of the degree of inversion, so you can start out at whatever angle you choose, then later may decide to go fully upside down. One thing is for sure if you have back and neck pain inversion table therapy will help ease the pain and possibly get rid of it. The only time inversion tables are unsafe is if you have a medical condition that makes it unsafe such as heart disorder, high blood pressure, hernia, eye problems or pregnancy.

There are inversion tables available for under $100 on Amazon and other trusted sites. They are so worth it and will save you money in the long run on medical expenses. In fact, they pay for themselves if you think about how much money can be saved by not going to the chiropractor or doctor. Inversion table therapy is all natural, no drugs no surgery why wouldn't you want to do it? I love it and can't imagine not using inversion table therapy to avoid pain and give me peace of mind.

A couple of the best inversion tables on the market right now are the Ironman Gravity 1000 Inversion Table and the Body Champ 1T8070 Inversion Therapy Table both have excellent reviews and are priced reasonable at under $150. You can read the reviews on Amazon and see for yourself what all the hoopla is when it comes to inversion table therapy.

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