Internet Brands is a company that develops and buys internet web properties. Internet Brands has been extremely successful overall. Here some ways that you can use Internet Brands as an inspiration so you too can get rich by owning a wide variety of web properties that can continually earn you money month after month.

A Vast Portfolio

Everybody needs to start with one website and work it hard until it's making you money consistently each month. Once you have your first profitable website then you can look at buying other websites and developing another website of your own.

Part of the success of Internet Brands is they own a wide variety of web properties in vastly different niches. Instead of having hundreds of properties that target the same niche they instead have a websites that target different niches. If suddenly one or two websites are not very profitable for the month it’s not a major deal because the rest of their websites are making a profit. If you have a successful blog that is earning you money each month then you can look at expanding to another web property. 2 is better than 1 as long as both are profitable.

Premium Web Properties

Internet Brands does not generally mess around with poor paying websites. You will not see Internet Brands starting a new blog about “best cheap vacuums under 100" and then hire cheap Filipino writers. Internet Brands is not here to nickel and dime with crappy niche websites. You shouldn't waste your time doing this either. I'm not saying not to start a niche website. What I am saying is don't start a crappy niche website based on SEO practices that are no longer appropriate or applicable for what works in today's world. Google has evolved and you need to evolve also.

Reinvest Profits

Internet Brands uses its income to buy new websites, develop new websites, develop new software to run websites, and to increase traffic to websites by creating quality content.

If you're working a 9-5 job and have hopes of retiring from it early so you could pursue Internet Income full time then it would behoove you to smartly invest any profits you make, regardless of how small they may be, into expanding your new media business.

You may choose to buy some quality custom written articles for your website, you may choose to buy an existing website that has a lot of potential if you work it properly, or you may choose to start another website from scratch. Have a business plan and stick with it like Internet Brands does. One of the priority areas of your business plan should be to grow the number of web properties you own that will consistently make you money month after month.

You may have one website that makes a thousand dollars a month or you may have 200 websites that make $5 each, each month. Not everything you do will be a success but if you use your failures as a learning experience that can help propel you into more success in the future but you must work hard and be consistently working smartly to improve your Internet Brands style of business each and every day. If you start a blog and then abandon it after a couple of months the all the work you did was for nothing.

Sure you might get a few cents trickle in each month from Adsense, but we are not looking for a few cents each month but instead are looking to build a huge portfolio of websites that we own that make a lot of money overall. Getting rich off the internet will not happen quickly but if you research and follow the strategies Internet Brands used in its early days and still uses today then you too can duplicate their success.

Maybe your portfolio of web sites will never earn as much money as Internet Brands does each month, but if you can make $10,000 a month or more then that is more than enough for many people to survive on in a very luxurious manner, especially if you live in a small community such as Middleton, Ohio where home prices are much cheaper than a large City such as San Francisco.

Create Quality Content

Many people create a lot of content quickly in the hopes of getting traffic from the search engines. Yes you can get traffic from search engines but as soon as they begin to scan the article they will quickly hit the back button on the browser to go back to the search results and never return to your website again.

What you should strive to do instead is too create such interesting, educational and compelling content that the visitors not only enjoy reading what you write but they will also bookmark the site for future visits and naturally share the content of your website with their friends on the various social networks such as Twitter and Facebook.

Cross-Drive Traffic

Internet Brands have such a wide variety of websites that they own. Internet Brands encompasses a huge variety of categories including owning the ever-popular vBulletin forum software, web sites to find attorneys, in depth camera review website and forum, and countless other niches. Internet Brands is driving a huge amount of traffic each month to all of their web properties and they can use each of those properties to help drive traffic to other properties. Internet Brands is able to foster a lot of loyalty to their web sites because they provide such a great value to the visitor.

Start With One

Internet Brands runs a wide variety of web businesses including CarsDirect, Model Mayhem, WikiTravel, WAHM, and many other websites. How did Internet Brands come to own so many successful websites? Well they started with one, made it profitable, and then moved on to more websites.

User Created Content

User Created ContentCredit: Flickr/BTO - Buy Tourism Online

As an individual there's only so much writing that can be done. Internet Brands has a lot of websites to specialize in user generated content such as forums, user-created blogs, social networking type websites, and other websites they own that are designed to increase user generated content. 97% of all of the Internet Brands traffic comes from non-paid search engine visitors. How do I know this? Because Internet Brands is a publically traded company.

Internet Brands able to capitalize on this user generated content because it is free and generates a lot of traffic from the various search engines. You two should focus eventually on a Web site such as a forum or something that encourages user-generated content that you can capitalize on.

The first website in your portfolio will often be a blog style website. You can still capitalize on user-generated content on your blog by allowing comments. Once you blogs began to get a lot of traffic and you're generating some high quality content then you will also begin getting some higher quality comments. All of the comments left by the visitors will also help to drive traffic to your website from the search engines. Never underestimate the power of user-generated content to help make you millions of dollars... or maybe just a thousand dollars extra a month!

Be Professional

Do you want to run a company and get as large as Internet Brands is? Then you need to be professional. If you're starting a blog on blogger or another free blogging platform such as that then you are going to fail...period. For 20 bucks you can get your first month hosting and a domain name. If you can't afford $10 for a domain name and seven dollars a month for hosting your first blog then you will never be able to do grow a business like Internet Brands did. If you truly don't have an extra $7 a month for web hosting then start by generating revenue by writing for this website here. Writing articles for InfoBarrel has been very lucrative to me and it can work for you too.

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