You can still make money with your blog by concentrating on yourself, believe it or not. This is probably one of the best ways to make a good blog. Starting a blog to make money with a blog appeals to a lot of people and they will spend hours poring over content on the web to show them how to make money with their blog. The largest and best investment you can make in your blog is you.

The best way to make money blogging is of course creating quality content. A combination of you and quality material you produce will market a terrific blog. A fancy and expensive layout may or may not draw attention to a blog, but a combination of quality content and a great blogger will lead to success. This combination will attract readers that will stay loyal and create a community for your blog. Make your content the best in your niche each time you create a blog post to retain readers that will develop into a loyal community that will read your content again and again. This is how the gurus become extraordinary bloggers in their niche. 

Anyone can write an article, but not everyone can become a blogger. Blogging is a great way to make money if you are good at it. Bloggers that do become good at it find that they invest a personal twist or turn in their posts or content that attracts readers that enjoy their content. Readers that receive an answer to their question while reading interesting and relevant content will return more than once to a blog. Search engine optimization or keywords may get a reader in the door, but you need to keep them. Keeping readers is the resource to make money blogging.

There are bloggers that are so interested in getting the correct keywords and SEO content for the search engines they are losing sight of actual blogging. Of course you can insert a couple of keywords or phrases into your content. You cannot forget the search engines for driving traffic to your material. However, if you would like to dominate your blog posts using keyword phrases or SEO you will be much better off writing articles instead of blog posts. Blogging is taking those same articles full of SEO and keyword strategy and inserting those phrases and thoughts that make that content reflect a part of you. 

Blogging is less formal than writing articles and more conversational. For this reason many blog posts reflect a personal part of a blogger. Having interesting and innovative conversation as a person is related into how a blogger posts. What a blogger likes or dislikes, what they have for a sense of humor or even what they have for a favorite color are all inserted into a blog. Great posts are what makes readers enjoy blogs and will help a blogger earn more money as they increase their readers. Great posts seem to be a combination of quality content and you as a blogger.

There may be times when you have a difficult time creating great quality content. This is especially so after you have created an extraordinary article by your own standards. If you do not create a WOW article time after time, dont fret. You can still produce a quality article that stands on it's own because of you. Readers that enjoy your conversation and tone will read your okay posts knowing to expect a WOW article now and again if they enjoy you.

Invest in yourself. Work hard but don’t overwork. Allow yourself some down time so that you won’t burn out. New bloggers can sometimes find themselves wrapped up in tweaking this or finding the next great article content that you are overworking or overtaxing yourself. Let you personality shine through and you will make money blogging. 

Pat yourself on the back and take a breath. Come back refreshed, revived and ready to blog.

Invest in Your Blog by Investing in You
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