If you have to live through a cold winter then getting a faux fur collar hooded down coat is just one way to enjoy the winter rather than fight it.

Nothing worse than watching a sporting event on the sidelines or winter parades or simply walking to work in the dead of winter with that biting frigid air not only closing your nostrils but getting through to your body through thin polyester filled coats.

Unless you plan on wearing many layers under that coat of yours, you are going to find the winter that much harder to take when you can barely move from all the layers or you simply always feel cold.

Faux fur collar hooded down coatCredit: amazon.com
Jessie G. Women's Down Parka Coat with Raccoon Fur Trim
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(price as of Nov 29, 2015)

Down Coat with Fur Trimmed Hood

I live in Ontario, where our winters can get pretty tough.  I kept wearing the same coat every winter and every winter I would swear that I would get a better one next year since I would feel cold very quickly especially in February when it seems to be the coldest with sub-zero temps.

I had decent winter boots that kept my feet warm and mitts that kept my hands toasty, but that biting wind always seemed to get through my puffy jacket.  I had thought the puffier the better for warmth.  Yes it cost less, but in the end I was miserable.

I finally decided to invest in a good down fill coat.  I had stayed away from them because I always thought they would make me look larger than I was, but in fact they don’t.  Many puffy polyester filled coats actually look bigger!

The faux fur collars or animal fur collars are great for catching blowing snow and stopping it from getting in around your head.

It is amazing just how much of the weather you can tolerate when you feel toasty warm. 

They also look good.  Not that I have fashion concerns when I am trying to navigate the sidewalks, but they do look good.

I do a lot of walking in my city, it is just not worth scraping the car and trying to navigate snow filled streets, plus its good exercise for me.  So, now that I have purchased a good down filled coat, I am not worried about my walk.  It used to be that I would huddle against the wind trying to avoid the blowing snow with my head band and flimsy hood, now I just enjoy it the best I can.

I am not a winter fan, not big on winter sports but I do like to walk, and I am no longer going to take ½ hour to dress in layers to face the cold outdoors. 

I was looking originally for a decent looking coat to wear over dressy clothes, but when I tried them on and realized I would have to wear 2 big fluffy scarves to fill the open neck area and then questioned the ability to keep me warm, I changed my mind and opted for a decent faux fur collar,  hooded down coat that goes down to just above my knees, keeps me warm all over and I think looks just as good and cost the same as those flimsy dress coats. 

I opt for warmth to get my through my Ontario winter!

Jessie G. Women's Down Parka Coat with Raccoon Fur Trim
Amazon Price: Buy Now
(price as of Nov 29, 2015)