Time Management Skills

Time Management Strategies

Time Management Strategies"Only an hour a day!" What does that mean?

Consider it. Devoting an hour a day to something of choice may have more value and potential than one would think. In a year, it translates to three hundred and sixty-five hours. Consider a waking day sixteen hours in length, with eight hours reserved for sleep. That hundred and sixty-five hours gives almost twenty-three days waking days. Time management strategies help the owner of the hours use them wisely.

Think of time as a most prized possession, one eligible for trading for something else daily. Time is the most valuable capital of the world. Time and effort put together make all things of value. To be aware of time, then, is wise economy.

Time Statistics

Get the stats down on this most valuable commodity that everyone owns. The year has three hundred and sixty-five days, or 8,760 hours. The lyrics to the theme song of the musical, Rent, remind us that a year is 525,600 minutes.

Everyone is Rich

Consider this. Every person on earth is equally rich on this one, each owning twenty-four hours every day. They can not collect or keep those hours. The account zeroes out daily, the hours expiring at midnight.  The ONLY way to keep them is to invest in productive activity. Never fear. That account refreshes at 12:01 AM every day. The owners can all invest again. As investment decisions occur daily, contemplate the power of that. Possessing time management skills is a must.

A Few Time Investment Possibilities

Reading an Hour a Day

In the space of a year, consider what an hour's daily reading would total. The average reader can manage a page of a typical paperback book in about a minute given a reading speed of 250-300 words per minute. That means in an hour the reader owns sixty pages of information. That is 21, 900   pages a year, equating to about seventy-three, average length paperback books. Remember that people judge others by the company they keep, and books are a noble choice of company.

Writing and Hour a Day

Substitute writing for reading. Remarkable results could occur. Writing but one line a day has resulted in small libraries of published works.

Becoming an Expert on An Hour a Day

Dedication of one hour a day to anything specific over a year is powerful. Key to achievement is spending that hour in a specified way, free of distractions. The average person could learn a whole discipline or profession. Think of the possibilities over a ten-year period.

Choose any topic or field in which someone wants to learn. Lets say they want to find a great work at home opportunity. Take Internet marketing as the example. Information from books, blogs, forums, online courses and live courses is ubiquitous. An hour a day devoted to learning everything possible about that topic would mean twenty-three days of instruction, almost a full month. A new career could be launched on that one without ever taking time off from one's job.

Exercising an Hour a Day

A brisk, three-mile an hour walk daily over a year's time represents over one thousand miles! Enough said on that one! Consider the walking habit as a yearly stroll between Chicago, Illinois and Savannah, Georgia.

Investing in People Loved

Devote time to those people one loves.   Spend or invest time with whoever that is. Consider children. Investment of time spent with children is the priceless element in parenting. That investment can keep children on a productive path, out of trouble, and is the best indicator of success in school. Arguably, THAT is a wise investment.

Just Think for an Hour a Day

Consider these thoughts taken from a 1913 writing. What would be the most valuable use of time should one have an extra hour a day to spare? Consider taking the time to meditate, to sit and think. Put on the brakes every day and just ask questions of oneself. Where am I in life? What am I doing? What comes at the end of this busy life? Will what I am doing matter? Sixty minutes a day spent thus would be a bright light shining through the year.

Easy to Find an Hour a Day?

The skeptics would say, life is too busy to devote an hour a day to anything. It might be easy to make a start.   Keeping up the effort is a challenge. That is true. However, mental determination is a powerful tool, one that brings about unlimited benefits and gains.

Hardly a person has not complained of having a shortage of time. With more examination, often more free time is available than imagined, but it is not used wisely. People toil away, never finding a passion. The powerful asset of time sees itself squandered daily.  Some go about life using hours as if the an unlimited supply was coming their way and as if those hours were going to exist forever.

What is the message?  What is the strategy?

Think and invest time wisely.  Choose a passion, and then devote and schedule the time to make it happen consistently.  Comments welcomed on what is a good use of an hour a day!