Investing in scrap metal, can be very safe and smart. Investing in metals, is one of the best investments you can make. Metals generally retain their value and offer stability in an unstablet world. Investing in scrap metal is very easy to do and can make you money.


Why Invest

 There are many reasons why you should invest in scrap metal. One good reason, is that it offers stability and a hedge against inflation. By investing in scrap metal, you can protect yourself from an event were currencies collapse or even governments collapse, also as there is more and more need for metals and less supply the prices will increase. Soon Gold might cost 3000 dollars an ounce.  If this happens, people who bought gold now would be making money.


How To invest

There are many ways to invest in scrap metal. When investing, you goal is to keep something for the future so when you are investing in scrap metal, be sure to have a place to store it. I do not recommend finding junk metal on the street and storing it for the future. Instead I recommend finding metal that is easily storable and easily liquidable. Most recycling centers, pay you for scrap metal from a rusted hubcap to aluminum cans. When investing in scrap metal, try to find metal easily storable. Aluminium cans are great investments. By saving your aluminum cans and crushing them, you can invest in aluminum which is a metal. Cans are easy to find. Many people drink soda and beer, and you might be able to collect a lot of cans from what you consume. Eventually you will have a large amount of crushed cans. You can also go to your local bar or restaurant and ask them to save you the cans. This way you can collect a whole bunch of them and store.  This is a very simple way of investing in metals.

Another way to invest in metal is too buy coins. Coins made during certain times, have high amounts of metals in them that are worth more than the actual coin itself. By buying coins  that have high contents of metals such as silver and copper, you can invest in metals. A great example of this is the penny. Pennys made before 1982, have 95% copper in them, making them worth over 2 cents in todays market. This has created a lucrative opportunity for people. Now some people are sorting coins and hording pennys made before 1982. These pre 1982 pennys sometimes sell for double their face value. On Ebay one can buy 15 dollars worth of pre 1982 pennys for over 20 dollars. With the price of copper going higher and higher, more people are investing in these pennys. It is  very easy to get involved in this coin market. You could get coins from the bank and sort them yourself or  you could go on Ebay and buy a whole bunch of penny's to keep. The easiest way to invest would be just to buy the penny's that are pre 1982 but if you want to get the best deal, it may be smarter to sort penny's yourself. Many banks will be happy to sell you a bunch of penny's for market value. As long as you can sort them, you will make money.  Many investors are able to pay 20 dollars for over 50 dollars worth of copper/silver. The opportunities are endless. On top of hoarding pre 1982 penny's you can also hoard silver by purchasing Kennedy Half Dollars made from 1965-1970 . These coins have over 4 dollars worth of silver and can be purchased for only 50 cents in some places.


A final great way to get metals is to simple buy a bar of the metal. There are many people willing to sell bars of copper, gold,silver and even platinum. With prices of these metals going up, it is time to buy and the best way to do just that is to buy bars and bars of them. It is easy to do and fun. Bars of precious metals, are easy to liquidate, almost any pawn shop or jewelry store will buy them from you for the market price.