Train Tracks

Investing your time in InfoBarrel is a great way to spend your free time online. I have been a member of InfoBarrel for almost a year now and have about 450 articles published. As much as I have enjoyed my time on InfoBarrel over the past year I have a lot of regret.

I regret not writing more articles for InfoBarrel. I had extremely high goals for this year, and for many reasons I will probably not meet my goals for this year. I could of, I should of, and knowing what I know now I could have reached my lofty goals. Although I will probably not reach my goal of having 1,500 articles published on InfoBarrel, I am still filled with hope. I know that life can get involved and slow you down, but with what I know I expect next year to be a banner year for me and InfoBarrel.

I am not the highest earning writer here on InfoBarrel nor do I expect to be next year, but I am competing with myself. I know that if I simply keep writing articles for InfoBarrel and jump up my output a few notches that I will be doing even better next year with earnings from InfoBarrel.

Writing for TextBroker has proven to be very lucrative for me; however that money is not passive. If I could have all of the articles I have written for TextBroker clients back and publish them all on InfoBarrel I would have easily met my goals of having at least 1,500 articles published. I also would be earning much more in residuals each month.

There have been a lot of articles I wished I could have kept, however I need to earn money so I submitted them to the TextBroker client for up-front pay. Occasionally I will write an article for a TextBroker client and then decide to keep it instead. When these articles get clicks and earn me money it is very bittersweet. I am glad that the article is earning me passive income; however I continue to think about all of the articles I sold for upfront pay where I will Never BE ABLE to earn residuals off of them.

This coming year will see a big change in my strategy. I should be at the point where instead of writing for upfront pay I can focus much more of my efforts on writing for InfoBarrel. In addition to writing for InfoBarrel I may also be able to outsource some article, which will help me to increase my earnings even more.

My average earnings per article each month is sitting at just over .26 cents per article. It is not very high but I do expect that to increase if I outsource articles. The only articles I will outsource will be higher paying keywords, and then I can continue to write about whatever comes to mind regardless of the value of the keywords.

My goal is to continue adding new content to InfoBarrel. I would love to have 4,000 total articles on InfoBarrel but that is still a ways off. I will not even try to guess-stimate when I will hit 4,000 articles.

Writing for upfront pay is nice and often needed, but keep in mind that building up a passive income is much more important.