You Were Born to Live Life

If you are like me, then you are an INFP and you have been spending too much time on the internet.  Spending hours and hours reading other peoples’ advice on how to make money.  If you fall into this category then please read on.  I am going to do us both a favor and tell you to forget about your crazy searching.  WAKE UP AND LIVE!

Wanting to do something with savings that I have accumulated over the years, I have spent hours reading about Peer 2 Peer lending strategies and even longer researching Forex Robots.  I have looked thoroughly into stocks, options, futures and binary options; mutual funds, bond funds and retirement funds, foreign savings accounts and CD’s.

Websites abound captivate my fickle attention and tell me how gold and silver are the only vehicle available by which to preserve my purchasing power in the inevitable event of a US dollar hyperinflation, lingering in the offing. 

I have read about the wonders of passive income.

Unfortunately, my mind gets caught in loops.  The more I focus on the concept of investing and generating income, the narrower my thinking had become.  Throughout the day, my thoughts return to the same stagnant story lines.  If you are not like me, then by all means proceed, but if you can relate then break this pattern!  Go out and live life!

An INFP to the end, try as I will, I am constrained by my own inaction.  Tragically, like Hamlet, I ruminate for hours and hours trying to arrive at the perfect solution.  The only financial action, which I have actually taken over the last six months, has been to sign up for a foreign exchange account, twice.   After losing about $500, I am about to close this last one.  Once I place a trade, my personality is unable to bear the volatility.  Despite what I would have expected of myself and weeks studying beforehand, my behavior becomes irrational.  Throw the plan out the window.  Please, don’t let this become you.  DON’T get sucked in!  Go out and live your life instead!

From this day forward, my time will be invested in exercise and social interaction again.  Now don’t those two pursuits yield priceless returns?

Here is my investment plan for the future.  S&P 500 mutual fund and a plain old savings account; I will reestablish the automated savings plans with both.  Keep it simple stupid!  Save your money but investing just isn’t for all of us.