Environmental Investments


Put your money to work investing in wind, solar, hydro, geothermal and biomass.

Invest in fuel cells and hydrogen power.

The things they don't invest in are even better: Coal, Oil, Atomic Energy. -Or- Alcolol, Animal Testing, Weapons, Gambling, Tobacco.


They do invest in natural gas, but go on to explain that it is the cleanest of all hydrocarbons, particularly when used in turbines and fuel cells, which is true.

As with any investment, there is the possibility of a loss because funds fluctuate, be sure to check out the "Risk" section of their site or any site.

Full Review

Several months ago, before the big stock market downturn due to the mortgage lending fiasco, I was browsing through my latest 401K mutual fund statements. Then, fast-forwarding to a few days ago I did the same thing. I was really shocked with the number of stocks in my portfolio that related to carbon-based energy, big finance and all the other things we have discovered are contributing to the mess we are currently in.

I went on a search for something that I would feel good in investing with - to be a partner. Both my husband and I care about the ecology, the planet, depletion of energy sources and everything sustainable. Although we are not fanatics about this, we feel doing the "right thing" with our money should play a much more important role in our investment strategy.

We came across The New Alternatives Fund (NALFX), which was established in 1982. The New Alternatives Fund was the first environmental mutual fund with a significant concentration in alternative energy. It was rated the greenest fund in the US in 1989.

They invest in socially responsible systems that benefit the environment such as:
Alternative Energy
Clean Air and Water
Pollution Prevention

They are also proactive investments in:
Human Rights
Labor Relations
Clean Energy
Community Investment

For your security they use 5 socially conscious federally insured banks and credit unions for holding cash reserves.

In Closing

I'm planning on investment in New Alternatives Fund. They invest in everything that I'm interested in. These products will become mainstream in the years to come and I feel it is my responsibility to make my investment strategy in this direction .

You can download a prospectus from their website and they also have a list of investments available. Also there are many more of these types of investment opportunities coming out, so do your homework. I give this one a high recommendation because their sustainable standards are very high.