Ever dreamt of owning a piece of paradise at an affordable price? If yes then Costa Rica with its white sand beaches, sunny tropical climate and crystal clear blue waters would be the ideal place to look for .Whether you want a house by the beach or a house nestled in the mountains or in a picturesque location ,real estate in Costa Rica has it all. Costa Rica is a country rich in biodiversity. In recent times the country has become a hotspot for Eco tourism. The country with splendid natural beauty is fast becoming a popular tourist destination.

The country with a booming tourism industry and expanding economy seems well poised for high growth. Now is the ideal time to invest in real estate in Costa Rica. The real estate market in Costa Rica still favors the buyers. After buying a house or a piece of real estate you can decide to move in after your retirement or sell it at a later date at a much higher price. As the number of tourists visiting the country is only set to increase in the coming years investing in real estate in Costa Rica would be an investment decision you will not regret.

Do you an amazing fact about Costa Rica; the country has constitutionally abolished its army. It is one of the most peaceful Latin American countries. It has a very low crime rate and the people are very friendly. The government has implemented tax breaks and special investment incentives to overseas real estate buyers. All these incentives should make investing in real estate in Costa Rica a worthwhile option. In recent years the country has signed a number of trade agreements with other Latin American countries and has taken a number of measures to protect its biodiversity. All these steps are an indication that the country is very serious about protecting its natural beauty and environment. Taking into consideration all these measures your investment in real estate in Costa Rica should be very safe.

Real estate in Costa Rica offers you a number of choices at affordable prices from condos to luxury villas from beach houses to retirement homes. There are a number of realtors and brokers who would help you in choosing the type of real estate you want, whether it is a house or a piece of land in a hot tourist destination or a small cottage in the woods. If you are planning to buy or start a hotel or have any other specific project in mind there are a number of real estate companies in Costa Rica that would cater to your specific needs and help you to achieve your goal.

The real estate boom in Costa Rica is no longer a secret now; there are a number of new projects coming up in the country. But before you invest in real estate make sure you do a through research about the current market conditions. It is also essential that you find a good broker who would help you in buying your dream home at an affordable price. Due to the boom in the real estate market, a number of companies have come up in recent times selling real estate. Before investing do a through background check of the company and chose a realtor carefully. Get to know the process and the property thoroughly and have an idea about what is going on.

If you are buying a home in Costa Rica also check out the neighbors and the surrounding areas, so that you do not end up with pesky neighbors or worse end up with a home in a crime ridden area. If you want to invest in land or buy a home in the mountains or by the hillside make sure that the area does not come under any special zone and has adequate electricity and fresh water supply and is well connected with the main land

In recent times a number of banks have also started financing real estate in Costa Rica. Few of the banks have tailor made loan packages available for both residents and non-residents. If you are planning to buy a property it would be helpful if you have an idea beforehand about the documents needed for sanctioning of the loan

The country is also fast becoming a popular destination for marriages, family gatherings and business functions. Investing in real estate in Costa Rica and then lending those locations or villas for such occasions is a very good way of earning some extra cash. With many internationally renowned hotels and resorts expanding their footprint in the country, the demand for real estate in Costa Rica is sure to go up. Due to such high demand the only direction for the prices to go is upwards. The ideal time to invest in Costa Rica would be now and good returns can be obtained from such an investment within a short time

Costa Rica has also a number of indoor and outdoor activities to keep you busy. From hiking to horse riding, river rafting to racing the country has it all. If you are looking for an exciting, adventurous and fulfilling life after retirement then Costa Rica is the place for you. So start investing in real estate in Costa Rica and enjoy the perfect retirement life.

Costa Rica is fast gaining popularity as an investor's paradise. This is the ideal time to invest in Costa Rica real estate. Go ahead and invest now and own a piece of paradise.