Are you concerned about keeping your home and your family safe, but don't have the money to buy a home security system in your budget? Are you looking for a good way to deter theft without spending thousands of dollars on expensive equipment? If the answer to these questions is yes, there is something you should look into: a fake security sign package. Most packages come with four or more signs that you must strategically place around your home to create the illusion that you do own a real security alarm.

Real security signs come with home security systems to alert any potential burglars or criminals to the existence of the system and keep them away. They are displayed somewhere on the property where they can be easily seen by those approaching the house. Sometimes they're in the form of signs on posts that can be stuck in the yard, other times they're in the form of stickers that can be posted on the windows, doors, etc. Either way, these signs, with their implicit threat of a security system on the premises, can be quite effective in warding off criminals.

The good news is you don't have to buy an entire expensive security system to get a security sign. Where you would spend thousands to get the system, you can buy a fake sign for just a few dollars online. A quick internet search for "fake security sign" will yield many results, with many different options for home security under the ten dollar price range. With some websites, you can even design your own fake stickers! As you search, you can find additional items, such as fake spy cameras, that make good additions to the stickers. Fake spy cameras are much cheaper than real cameras, but look realistic, and when combined with a security sticker, can have quite an intimidating effect. And because the signs and stickers are so cheap, you can purchase a large batch of them and display them on various windows throughout your property. You can even buy such stickers for your car and post them on the windows.

So why bother with a fake or real security warning signs at all? Well, according to statistics, homes with security systems have one third of the chance of being burgled as homes without security systems do. Fake security signs may not be the same as an actual system, but the burglars don't necessarily know that. Since fake signs and stickers are so cheap to buy, you really don't have much to lose and especially if you consider that any type of security presence is better than nothing at all!