She is the love of my life.  A day doesn't go by without me thinking of my little girl and how she melts my heart.   As I write this, I wonder what she's doing right now...I think it's about nap time!  I also wonder, as any dad would, about his little girl or boy and their financial future.  Will I be a good provider to her and give her a better start in life than I had?  Will I be able to instill good financial knowledge in her, amongst other things, so that she'll be able to BE FREE and live a productive life without me?

I'm confident that I will.

I'm starting my quest by having good investments in place for my little 2yr old girl, Briley.  And I'd like to share them with you just in case you may want to put something in place for your kid to have as they become older.  Here is my list of investments for children:

  1. Savings Account
  2. Investment Account 
  3. Real Estate
  4. Company

These 4 items will give any child a good start for when they become independent adults, graduate college, or maybe whenever you think the timing is right.  I listed these items in order, meaning this is what you should strive, in order, for from numbers 1 through 4.

Savings Account - I know the Federal Government and every other central bank prints money with reckless abandonment and unfortunately causes every currency to devalue ( I think it could be some conspiracy to consolidate wealth in the hands of a very elite few...).  Which is why you should have hard money in addition to paper money.  Buy silver or gold to give to your child(ren) in addition to paper money.

Investment Account - investing in index funds is a good way to start your child off on the right foot.  How many kids do you know that already have a profitable investment portfolio?  And don't be afraid to involve them in the process once they become older!  I know my little girl isn't ready for me to teach her about investments just yet....but one day she'll be ready and I'll be delighted to show her what her portfolio and the world of investing is all about.

Real Estate - a good rental property or two is definitely a good passive income stream for your kids.  You may keep the money/profits for yourself initially - but go in with the mindset of one day you'll be leaving this to your child as time progresses.  Look at residential properties or get with a few family and friends and discuss buying a commercial property for your child and/or their children as well!  

Company - nothing says long-term income like a successful company does.  Think of the Ford Family, Johnson & Johnson, Bacardi family, etc.  This is how wealth is created and passed from generation to generation in our great country and around the world.  You can do it too - just pray, work hard, believe in your ability, and make it happen.  

In closing, these investments for children are just a few of the ways to provide for your family.  I know it's tough and times are hard - and this is difficult for us (including myself) to achieve.  But it is possible and this list gives us a goal to shoot for.  If you only get to number one on the list - that's OK!  If you get to two or three - that's even better!  Just keep striving and keep going.