Some people love to sit at home and play guitar on Friday nights, some loves watching TV soap operas and there are others, who love to sit on the couch and squander their time by playing video games, watching TV, etc. They stay up until late night and loaf around all day. Occasionally, their blood pressure increases by doing laundry or dishes or running after kids.Invicta Watches

In addition, there are few men who has different believes. These men always dare to take up challenges in every fold of their life. They are dedicated adventurers, who are always in action; who loves to travel and taking up challenges is in their blood. If you are a kind of person who is always on the move; then Invicta Watches will be your ideal choice. Being a man on the move, you will agree to the fact that 'Time is very precious'. Thus, to keep you on time during those tough times, you won't get a better companion than Invicta Watches.

Invicta has been into watch-making since 1873 and since then they are making tough multifunctional watches. Today's distinct line-up of Invicta Watches has something for every outdoor activity, which includes:

Hiking: There has been a range of Invicta Watches for upscale outdoorsmen, designed especially for the 'mountain man for whom calculating the daylight period left is an important factor. They cannot afford their timepiece to stop working due to dust, dirt or grime. Many Invicta Watches has an inbuilt compass and tachymeter, which helps in smooth hiking.

Golfing: Men, who plays golf requires a lightweight, sweat proof timepiece, which is not a hindrance while swinging. Since those who believe it's an easy game might not have tried putting balls in 18 holes when the wind is chilling or there is a burning heat.

• Fishing: One cannot wear a leather strap watch when you are in water bodies such as the lake, pond, or river - because the result will be a watch which smells like a fish for the rest of its life. Keeping this in mind, Invicta Watches have designed few timepieces that can be cleaned up effortlessly as its straps are made of rubber and polyurethane.

• Camping: If you're planning a backpack tour or camping then there are many things, which is essential, and one of them is a tough and robust watch. Since you are far away from civilization when you are campaigning and can't afford that your watch has given up half the way or have broken down. Invicta watches have come up watches, which can endure during the tough times of campfires, cold water, and the rough tasks.

• Scuba Diving or Snorkeling: Invicta watches have a range of timepieces, designed for underwater diving and for those who wish to have adventures underwater. There is a range of Divers collection from Invicta watches that are water-resistant up to 100 feet or more below the water level.

• Rock Climbing: Men who love adventure sports such as rock climbing and mountaineering needs a timepiece that is robust and durable and that won't be tangled with the rocks or ropes. Invicta watches keeping in mind such needs of rock climbers have designed a series of timepieces that can keep track of the time, so that they can measure their next mountain.