Before and After Pictures, Videos and Photos

Getting a clear idea of the kind of results this dental treatment has to offer you with Invisalign before and after pics & videos (and Invisalign songs) is a sound one (and are shown below), but also getting a sound comprehension of why and what the Invisalign process involves 'as whole' is obviously a very decent one too.

Hence, this Invisalign article will also act to brief you step by step on the process of what happens before the treatment, during and afterwards.

So Why Do You Need Your Teeth Straightening in the First Place?

Although there are many theories pertaining to the cause of crooked teeth in human beings, the most commonly agreed upon reason is that the jaw does not develop due to nutritional deficiencies. It is similar to building a bridge with low quality material. The essential nutrients that are required for proper teeth formation are minerals and fat soluble activators.

There are many reasons for the formation of crooked, twisted or overlapping teeth including a small mouth that cannot accommodate the teeth without moving them. Another reason is that the lower or upper jaw may not be exactly the same size and hence causes the teeth to be misaligned. But an individual may not have a choice as the formation of the teeth and size of the mouth are hereditary traits. Other causes could be accidents that take place during childhood or tumors. It is said that thumb sucking or the prolonged use of a bottle may also cause crooked teeth.

The problem is that crooked teeth can cause improper chewing which can interfere with proper food and nutrient consumption. More serious is the fact that keeping the teeth absolutely clean is almost impossible since there will be areas that are not accessible while brushing teeth. It also means unnecessarily straining the jaws and in case too much force is exerted it can also break a tooth. The psychological impact is that a person with crooked teeth will be low on confidence and suffer from poor self esteem.

The Invisalign Treatment

Invisalign is the best way to straighten your teeth without any discomfort as compared to metal braces that can look out of place. You don't have to be afraid of having metal in your mouth while eating if you undergo Invisalign treatment. Instead you will have a tray that is transparent and removable and takes the pain out of straightening teeth.

For centuries people have struggled with unsightly teeth which prevent them from smiling too often and affect their confidence. Besides, misaligned teeth can be difficult to clean and tougher to chew with. Invisalign has been a boon for all those who have teeth that need to be straightened.

The Process

How it works is, first you need to locate a Certified Invisalign Provider in your area who will be available for a consultation. The consultation includes an examination of your teeth to see whether they are suitable for the treatment, as in some cases braces may be recommended.

When you are ready the dentist will need to take images of your teeth which are turned into three dimensional pictures. On the basis of these pictures a personal plan is prepared and custom trays are made. You have to put on a series of custom fitting and removable mouth trays. These trays use force in a very controlled manner to move teeth into the correct position. The aligners are clear and can be removed when you want. The trays are changed at regular intervals and the dentist will examine your teeth at every change. The duration of wearing each tray is two weeks. Removing the aligners for up to 2 hours each day is allowed and you can include activities like brushing and eating during those hours.

Invisalign 'Blurred Lines' Parody

The length of the treatment is ideally a year for adults and for teens, two years (there are cases where it is much shorter though and Invisalign express is usually used in such cases). Unlike wearing braces Invisalign is invisible and will not be noticed. This in itself is a highly motivational for teens since they can go about their daily activities without being conspicuous for wearing braces on their teeth.


There are various advantages to the use of Invisalign. The first and foremost advantage is that teeth can be made to look natural by simply moving them to the best position. This can be done in a very comfortable manner without the use of metal and is completely painless. The aligners fit very comfortably and no one can notice them since they are invisible. Since they are removable you can brush or eat without any issue and put them back on.

If you wear braces you run the risk of getting cavities during the treatment since keeping braces clean is an issue. This is not so with the use of aligners and you can easily remove them and brush or eat your meals. Unlike braces you will not feel any metal on your tongue and there are no wires to cause any damage. Many who have undergone this treatment have also reported a loss of weight since they had to remove the aligners each time they wanted to snack and they ended up eating less during the treatment. Others who had a habit of grinding their teeth reported that the treatment caused them to stop grinding their teeth. An unseen advantage is that many dentists will include a teeth whitening treatment if you consult with them for the treatment.

Invisalign Problems

There are also some disadvantages with the treatment. The biggest disadvantage is that every misalignment cannot be treated with it, or could be very hard to treat it requiring the dentist to apply a lot of skill. The treatment could be failure in some cases depending upon the condition of teeth which have been misjudged as being suitable for Invisalign. In such cases braces have been recommended which are suitable for most teeth.

It is also common for people under treatment to forget to wear the aligners in which case the treatment will be extended. Some have had their treatment extended to 2 years for this reason since they have not worn aligners for half the time that they were required to. In case of teens it is very common for them to lose an aligner which then needs to be replaced with a free one by the dentist. But dentists may run out of stock and the person may need to wait in which case his treatment gets extended.

Although it is the most convenient method for straightening teeth some people do find it uncomfortable or annoying to go to the restroom each time they have to eat something and remove their aligners. It may not be noticeable but some people get a lisp due to this treatment which goes away once the treatment is over. Last but not the least the cost of Invisalign is often a fair bit higher than that of standard metal brackets (and approximately the same as clear ceramic ones).

It can get quite expensive too, it is not uncommon to hit the $5000 mark plus. This being said there are some cheaper alternatives to Invisalign -- that essentially take on the concept of clear aligners but for roughly two thirds of the price.

Underbite, Overbite, Gap and Crossbites

Changes in Lifestyle

The treatment period itself can be quite testing and involves many challenges. You will need to make lifestyle changes so that the treatment is fully effective. The wearing of aligners is a must for at least 22 hours in a day. This means that you must sleep wearing them and can take them off only during meals.

Teenagers are cautioned not to chew gum during this period. Hard candy can be sucked but it is hard to do it with aligners in your mouth. If you are going out for dinner you must make sure that you have enough time left from the 2 hours of time when you can be without your aligners. Also, you have to make sure that you clean your teeth after each meal.

Though eating soft fruits may not be an issue, you will not be able to eat harder fruits like apples and pineapples. Also, you have to concentrate on your food while eating and working while eating is ruled out during the period or treatment. Snacking becomes highly restricted and you might have to say no to someone who offers you something to eat. This may be a bit disconcerting to your friends at first but they might get used to it during the period of one year of your treatment.

It is advised that you must brush after every time that you eat something. But it may not be possible to do so every time, for example, if you are at a picnic. Hence most people undergoing treatment go without food at outings and stay away from snacks.

As far as beverages go, you cannot have very hot beverages. You have to wait until it cools down or else the plastic in the aligners may get stained. Drinking wine may be tricky because red wine may get stuck between the aligners.

When you undergo the treatment you will need to carry a kit always that includes a case for the aligners and toothpaste with a toothbrush.

Unsuitable Conditions 

There may also be conditions which may not be suitable for the treatment. These may include severely rotated teeth more than 20 degrees, in most cases the lower eyeteeth and the premolars. If the teeth are at an angle of more than 45 degrees then the Invisalign treatment is ruled out. Gaps that are more than 6mm per arch also cannot be considered. In cases where extrusion of teeth is required this treatment is not possible at all.

It is also dependant on how suitable your teeth are as deemed by the dentist who examines them before commencing the treatment. If the teeth have an odd shape, for example short crowns, then the treatment will not be suitable. If you have had new teeth fixed or old ones repaired it may interfere with the treatment. Some people have attachments or buttons in their mouth and in these cases the treatment is not recommended.

Some dentists consider the freedom of removing the aligners a great disadvantage This is because the aligners have to be worn at least 22 hours every day otherwise the treatment will not effective. People who cannot follow this simple rule are setting themselves up for failure. It will slow down the treatment severely and previous progress may also be affected. In case of extreme cases of non-compliance the treatment may have to be started all over again although the dentist can make you wear the previous set of aligners.

After the Treatment

After the Invisalign treatment has been completed the teeth will be in a straight position. However it will be the natural tendency of the teeth to move back into their original position. With the passage of time the jawbone tissue surrounding each tooth will become thicker and denser in order to hold the teeth firmly in place. Quite often this may not suffice and the dentist will recommend that an aligner be used to hold the teeth in place.

Then typically speaking after a year of treatment the teeth will be straight and will enable the person to smile with confidence. It also increases self confidence of the person and makes him feel that the Invisalign treatment has been worth the money spend and the effort.