Using 3D imaging and a high degree of computerization, Invisalign signals a revolution in the field of dental medicine, which goes far beyond just the use of invisible braces. An impression of the patient's teeth is taken using dental putty, and is carefully verified before being sent to the laboratory for creating a set of Invisalign braces. In a stark contrast with its traditional usage, a CT scanner is used to actually model the Invisalign braces. While these braces provide a greater level of comfort by being totally invisible, they are quite easy to use and remove, for various activities like brushing teeth and for meals. Although they are much more convenient than usual metal braces, Invisalign braces are costlier and need to be replaced every six months or so.

In this article, the advantages of Invisalign braces over other new and old types of braces would be discussed, ultimately justifying why these are the best option available right now.

One type of dental equipments, used for straightening misaligned teeth are called Inman Aligners. These are recommended by many dentists over the traditional metal braces, and are especially used for straightening the upper and lower front teeth. Thus, Inman Aligners are not for general use as braces. Also, these braces can't be used for heavily crowded teeth. While these share some common features with the Invisalign braces, they are not as invisible.

In addition to adjusting the positions of teeth, 6 – Month smile braces provide the solution for a wide variety of dental issues like tooth decay, imbalanced teeth, gaps between teeth, gum related problems, jaw disorders and similar problems. The smile of the patient is fully analyzed and x-ray images of the same are taken for modeling the braces. The braces are specific for the issues from which the patient suffers and are made accordingly. These 6-month smile braces have invisible brackets and white wires so as the hide the use of braces. The 6-month smile braces are produced only in the United States.

Considered the best solution for frontal teeth problems, veneers too are a type of ortho-dental equipment, in use for a long time now. These structures are pretty thin with dimensions of 0.3 mm to 0.5 mm thus having relatively higher strength. As has been mentioned earlier, veneers are placed on the frontal teeth. Veneers provide a cure for permanently disfigured and discolored teeth as well as absolutely unsightly ones, thus scoring over other traditional equipment apart from being helpful in reshaping sets of crooked teeth. Not quite in distinction over other methods, veneers also help in whitening yellowed teeth.

The single most important advantage of Invisalign is its invisible appearance, in addition to easy removal and replacement.