Are you tired of carrying your bulky laptop? Then you need to seriously look into the Ipad 2. The Ipad 2 has many innovative features that will soon have you leaving your heavy laptop at home. A couple of these features are its smaller design, which makes it more comfortable and easier to handle, the new Facetime app that keeps you connected with friends and family, and the dual-core A5 chip that processes all the information and provides an incredible boost to the performance capability of the ipad. The Ipad 2 is one of the most intelligently designed mobile computing devices on the market.  


The new Ipad 2 has a  comfortable design, which means it rests more comfortably in your hands and is easier to handle. The new design is thirty three percent smaller than the original Ipad, which means it takes up less space in your bags. The Ipad 2 is also fifth teen percent lighter. Not only does take up less space it’s easier to carry too. This is perfect for those people who travel a lot or just like to carry around their laptops everywhere they go. The Ipad 2 makes it more convenient to carry around. The new design for the Ipad makes it perfect for its new facetime app.

Facetime App

The new Facetime app is a work of art. This application allows people to make video phone calls straight from the Ipad.  Now it is easy to talk to all your friends and family no matter where you are located.  You can be on the couch or in the airport, you can make the calls anywhere with a WIFI connection. With the Facetime app you can make phone calls to your friend's Ipad or Iphone. This app is also useful for people who travel a lot and are away from home. It helps keep friends and family connected. But all these good features wouldn’t be possible without a good processor.

Great Processing Power

The last amazing feature for the Ipad2 is the dual-core A5 chip. The A5 chip allows the Ipad to work faster and process more. It also makes for smoother multitasking. This is perfect for when you are surfing the internet, watching videos, using the new Facetime app, or checking your email. The A5 chip also has up to nine times the graphic performance. Great for those who love to play video games, look at photos, or doing some video editing. So whether you like surfing the web or doing some video editing in Imovie you will have the performance you need.


This product is the perfect replacement for your bulky laptop. With the Ipad 2, you no longer have to decide between  having to pick from performance or design.  The Ipad 2 gives you both.   So if need a lighter laptop, want to stay in touch with family, or run perform work related tasks all of these can be accomplished with Apple's new mobile device.  The new Ipad2 is faster; it has a bunch of new useful apps, and is small enough to meet your demands of a great laptop with a great design.  This product is amazing it make traveling with a laptop easier. So get rid of your laptop and get an Ipad2.