The new iPhone 4s has a 8MP camera. This is very nice and convenient. One attribute is that you can take a picture of your computer screen or backround and send it to your friend and it will be clear enough so they can read it. Then another feature is that it is very clear on any paper's or books, so when your teacher writes an asignment on the board you can take a clear photo which is something you cannot do with other camera's. Another feature is the enhance tool, this tool makes your picture's brighter and look much better in some cases. There is also a crop tool and a red eye tool which can come in handy in certain situations. 


Everything you have seen or heard about Siri is correct. This is a virtual assistant that can do almost everything for you. Such as if your on a run, all you have to do is raise your iphone to your ear and tell it what you want it to do. Most of you are going to think this is impossible and it will never pick up your words correctly, but it does i have had great experiences with my Siri so far. More features about Siri are you can ask for directions to your house, or anywhere you want to go, as long as you are on the internet it will pick your current location and tell you how to get where you need to go. You must be on the internet to use Siri, which might be the only downfall about Siri.


The app store for the iphone is extended from the itouch app store. The app store almost provides any type of app you need. There is google, facebook, calulators, games, and many more. There are free and games that you have to pay for. Some apps have a lite version, which are basicly just a trial of the game to see if you would like to buy the full version. This is very convenient if you are unsure you want to spend a dollar on a game or on a song. The Itunes app basicly allows you to download music where you have 3g or wifi service. Itunes songs very from free to $1.29. There are not very many free songs in the itunes store. There are also $.69, $.99. and $1.29 songs.

3G Service

The 3g service that Verizon offers is a tad bit spendy, this is one of the only downfalls of the 3g service. This service is very convenient for many people. An example is when you are on the road and you need to send an email to a friend back home, you can easily do that through the mail app that you start with, and you must be in a location where you have 3g service. Another example, when your friend has an app and you find it cool you can always just go into the app store and download right then and there.

Battery Life

Most people say that the battery life in an iphone is terrible, but i am here to say it is not really that bad. Basicly you can go into your settings and view how much time you have been on and how much time you have spent on stanby since your last 100% charge. I have seen my total be at 12 hours on it and 12 hours on stanby. This to me is quite a long battery last. Compared to an ipod touch where you can only play about 8 hours of games compared to 12 hours of games and 12 hours on stanby is not that bad. Also if you compare this with other phones you would have seen that this is not that bad considering you are probably on your iphone way more playing games and doing things like that, compared to your standard phone where you put it on stanby until you get another text.