When you purchase an Iphone 3G or 3Gs you will notice there are several applications already on your phone. Many of these are standard applications that help you use the phone like the contact application and the SMS (Text message) application. There are also several applications included that are designed to help you save time and stay more organized. None of these Iphone Default Applications need to be downloaded since they are there by default but they also can not be removed from your phone. I found several of the Iphone Default Applications to be beneficial to my every day life and some of them are completely useless to me and many other people. Below I will list the Iphone Default Applications give a brief review of each of the applications.

Iphone Default Applications

Phone Application: For the Iphone to work properly as a phone you will need this application. The quick button image is green with a picture of a phone. Within this application you will be able to view your favorite contacts, recent calls, contacts, key pad, and visual voicemail.

Contact List: You contact list is another useful Iphone Default application. The quick button image for this application looks like a tan address book. This is where you will add and edit your contacts. Through this application you can also synch your computers contact list onto your Iphone contact list.

Clock: Every phone needs a clock so you can easily tell what time it is and when someone called. The clock is also necessary for other applications to work correctly. The quick button image for the clock is a white clock and is very easy to recognize. In this application you can set multiple alarms, use the stop watch and set countdown timers.

Email: With the fast past nature of the world today it is important for many people to be able to check their email sometime several times a day. With the email application you can access several email clients to view, reply, create and send email messages. You are also able to view most attachments. This application also includes a feature to notify you when you have a new email. Some of the email clients currently supported are Yahoo, AOL, Gmail, Mobileme, and Microsoft Exchange. The quick button image for Email is a picture of a white envelope.

Calculator: The calculator is set up to show a standard calculator when your Iphone is held straight up and down. The calculator will give you some scientific functions when it is turned on its side. The quick button image for this application is a picture of calculotor buttons.

Text Messages: What phone does not have text messages? With this application you can send and recieve text messages. The lay out for the messages are a little different than standard phones since you can see all previous conversations on one screen without clicking through all your old messages. I think this is definately an improved feature and a must have for Default applications. The quick button image for texting is a green with a voice bubble and the letters "SMS" in the bubble. The newest update to the Iphone software will also allow you to send picture and video messages through the messages application.

Application Store: For the iphone this is a very important application. This application will allow you to add new games and applications to help customize your Iphone. The quick button for the Application Store has a blue back ground with an "A" in the middle of a circle. The application store is sorted into different catagories and even allows you to download some applications for free.

Weather: The weather application is not a necessity but definately makes things easier. With a push of the button you can see your local weather and any weather warnings. Of course you will have to go in and set up your location but once this is done your weather temperature will display on the icon without even haveing to access the application. The quick button image is a picture of the sun with the current temperature listed under the sun.

Safari: Safari is your web surfing application. When your Iphone is connected to the internet you can surf the web using the Safari application. You have the ability to open up to eight pages at a time and can zoom in on sections of the web pages to make them easier to see. You can also flip your Iphone on its side and view the page in landscape mode. The quick button image for Safaris is a blue compass.

Notes: The quick button image for notes is a yellow note pad, which make it very easy to locate amoung all the applications. With the notes application you can create notes for anything. You can have more than one note saved at a time and can email the notes through your email application.

Calendar: The quick button image for the calendar is white with a red boarder at the top. The current date will be displayed in black numbers on the application button. This application will allow you to set up appointment reminders, set deadlines, and synch your calendar with most other calendar programs on your computer.

Ipod: The ipod quick button is orange with a white picture of an ipod. Not real original on the button but within that application you have access to all you music, playlist, videos, and podcast. A very easily organized music library!

iTunes: This application will allow you to add new music and podcast to your Ipod. The quick button for the iTunes application is a purple back ground with a music note in the center cirounded by a circle. This application will also allow you to find audiobooks, movies, and videos to preview and purchase directly from the iTunes store.

Voice Memos: If you need to record something to remember later or quick reference of a phone number or directions you can use the voice memos application. You can also forward voice memo's to others through email and MMS messages on certain Iphones. The quick button image for Voice Memos is a picture of a microphone.

Photo Library: With a quick button image of a yellow sunflower this may be one of the best included Iphone Default Applications. This is where all your images will be stored on your iphone. This application will also allow you to email the image and set it to wall paper. When the Iphone is turned on its side the image can be viewed in landscape mode and you can zoom in on the image also!

Camera: In the camera application you can take pictures of images and they are automatically saveed to your photo library. With Iphone 3Gs and newer phones you can also use this application to take video images. The quick button image for the camera application is a camera lense.

Setting: The setting application's quick button image is of gears to portray the inner workings of your Iphone. This application will give you access to customize many features and applications of your Iphone. This is a very important application and everyone will need to use it from time to time.

YouTube: You cna use this application to search for and view YouTube videos. The quick button is a picture of a T.V. screen. Through this application you will also be able to access your YouTube account to rate videos.

Map: With a quick button image of a map you can pretty much guess what this application is for. You will be able to see several different map views from accross the world. You can search for specific destinatiions and look for landmarks by searching in the map application. You can also get directions using the map application.

Compass: The compass will actually show you the direction you are going like a regular hand held compass. It will also give you the coordinates of your location and show you where true north is. The compass quick button is a picture of a compass.

Stock: The quick button to view your stocks is blue with a white pulse line through it. You can use the stock application to view and track your stocks in the stock market. You can access the opening and closing prices for stocks and detailed charts of different stock data.

Overall many of the Iphone Default Applications are very useful and can be considered an addition to a great phone!