Waterproof That Phone Before It Is Too Late

   I was on my wat to an important business meeting 700 miles away and in a foreign city when the inevitable happened.  I guess it is like a Murphy's Law for things going wrong or some such theory of human mishap.  Nevertheless, it had been raining 3 days straight in the city and the sun had finally emerged across the backdrop of skyscrapers and smog just in time for me to take the train into the designated meeting place.  I emerged from the subway tunnel using the gps mapping feature of my smart phone to track the location as I had done in many cities across the world.  The city was still gray and dreary as people peeked out from under their umbrellas to make sure the rain was really gone.  I rounded a corner dodging people when fate caught up to me and I dropped the phone I had so tenderly loved.  The scene played out is slow motion as it seemed to take around 30 seconds for the phone to somersault the distance between my hand and the street curb just feet below.

  Circumstances being what they were, I lost all my contact information and files that I did not have backed up on the laptop computer.  Even though I had phone replacement insurance, it took a week to get things right and since I was not at the home address I had to make due with what was available.  The insane thing is that all of this could have been avoided if I had simply known about this phone waterproofing service that a friend has since turned me on to.  I have gotten every cell phone in the house taken care of and they can all survive short drops in a puddle, conversations in the light rain, or even accidental spills.  Thanks to the physics of superhydrophobic nanoparticles and the Liquipel nanocoating waterproofing technology things never have to be like that anymore.  They phone is treated with a nanomaterial vapor that goes deep inside and coats the internal chips, resistors, and other components to make them liquid resistant.  Hindsight they say is in fact 20/20, and now I can sleep better and travel with a peace of mind knowing that my information and lifeblood that is my phone is protected as it should be.

We keep so much data on our phones and have become so reliant on them that we often do not realize how intense and troublesome a small accident like this can be.  I do not understand the physics behind the process, but I know that at such a cheap price there is no reason not to have all my electronic gadgets taken care of.