Below Are Solutions To Common iPhone Problems

So you have an iPhone and you love it, its great with all its features and applications. Months go by and then suddenly you realise that something is wrong with it. Whether it be a noticeably short battery life no internet, your applications stop working or your phone is just dead.

There are a few simple and basic things that you can do to turn this around and save yourself a visit to the network store.

Soft Reset

One of the most common problems with the iPhone or phones in general is that it can freeze, you will notice that the screen will become unresponsive and sometimes you will notice that your phone is not switching on.

When it comes to this you should try to do the soft reset. This is a simple method just by holding the lock/power button and the home button together until the Apple logo appears.

Please note that it is essential that you wait until the logo appears.

No 3G Internet

No Cellular Data Connection

The image on the right shows a circle icon next on the left of the time, this means there is no 3G signal


The list below are in priority order, First:

1. Check in the settings that your 3G is enabled:

  Settings > General > Network > Enable 3G (ON)


2. Check that the phone is off flight mode:

Settings > General > Airplane Mode (OFF)


3. Give the sim card a wipe with your finger

(don’t ask it just works better)

 4. Do a soft reset on your phone: Press and hold the lock/power button (top right button) and the home button (the big round one on the front) simultaneously until you see the white Apple logo appears.

No Cellular Data Connection(51794)

5. If you have been abroad and have put another sim card or have taken it out check your internet settings:

Settings > General > Network > Cellular Data Network

(See network operator for setting details)


6. Change sim card


7. Check that you have an internet package with your network operator


8. Visit Apple to repair phone (remember to back up data on iTunes)

Battery Problem

If you have an iPhone 4 then the battery should last about a day and a half with occasional use even with iPod functions. Please note that everyone uses their phone differently because of their lifestyle but usually about that. Previous iPhone generations are a day at the most.

1. If your battery is draining really quickly then it could be that you have downloaded an application that is dodgy (corrupt) try deleting some applications or restore factory settings:

Settings > General > Reset > Erase All Content and Settings

Note: Please remember to Sync to iTunes to back it up before doing this.

Tip: To check if it is the software turn on your battery percentage: 

Settings > General > Usage > Battery Percentage (ON)

Leave it to charge fully to 100%, once charged unplug it. If you notice that the percentage goes to 99% straight away then you have an issue with the software.

2. It could be that you have too many applications open and running at the same time on the iPhone 4, this can also make it run slow and sluggish. If you have an iPhone 3G then it usually because the phone has been upgraded to the latest software, it is not 100% optimised to work for the 3G unfortunately, however this is not always the case as I have seen some working fine it might depend on how old your model is.

To close the applications:
Double tap the home button (by doing this you will see applications appear at the bottom, you can scroll left or right) Press and hold on one application, notice that they start to shake/jiggle (some call it shaky mode) Tap on the red circle icon to close

3. Your charger is faulty (see apple or buy a new one)

4. You should make it a habit to close them down as it saves a lot of battery.

5. Your iPhone plug socket is damaged (need a repair service)

No Service/Reception

When it comes to 'No service' you either have to get a new sim card, if that does not work then it’s a problem with the phone. The phone may have accumulated so much damage as phones usually are bashed about dropped and it just finally gave up.

If you are sure that you take care of your precious then the phone may be water/moisture damaged. You would know if its been water damaged because you would have dropped it in the sink/bath/pint of beer or puddle, or more commonly for women in the toilet or your bottle of water is open in your bag.

However if you use your phone outside when its raining (come on we all do it) then that one drop of rain has got into your phone and caused damage.

Moisture damage is different its discreet. This can be caused by condensation if you have left it on the window ledge/sill during winter, or even being exposed to sun for a very long time will heat up the phone. Women’s bags and even your pocket can get very hot under the sun heck pretty much anything!

Applications Not Functioning Properly

When you want to open an application or upload a picture onto Facebook and it doesn’t open or just doesn’t do it at all. It is most likely because you need to install an update for the application from the Apps store.

Enlarged screen

The iPhone has a zoom feature for the home screen, I don't really know what people would use it for but it has caused a lot of frustration.

To get it back to normal just double tap on the screen with three fingers. It's best that you switch it off:

Settings > general > Accessibility > Zoom > off


Sometimes the phone goes on mute this is because the light sensor is very sensitive and so sometimes the screen is exposed while you are on the phone and your cheek touches the mute button. Simple as.

I hope you find these helpful