Ipod nano 5th generation


The new Ipod nano is very easy to use with quck access to songs or video, pictures,apps etc. Also has games to play on the nano to keep you amuzed while your playing your favorite song just hangin out. It is also very small a sleek measuring about 3.5X1.5 and about one quarter of an inch thick so it will fit in your pocket easily unlike the more expensive ones.


The shuffle feature on the Ipod is very sensitive by shaking it just very lightly it shuffles songs when i dont want it to and also scrolling back threw the menu options to get to a preffered songs when I am listenting to a song already kind of a pain when driving or working out.

Full Review

Have owned 4 different kind of mp3 players in the past and the Ipod nano is the newest addition. Am really happy with it so far even bought my girlfriend one aswell. We have had them for about 6 months now and still use them everyday, in the cars mainly but am happy with the sound without the headphones its plenty loud to hear the music and you can still hear the guy next to you. Also has a camera that takes a very good quality pictures, along with a video recorder aswell. How many pictures or the amount of video you want to save depends on the size of Ipod you purchase the 8 gigabyte or the 16 gig. A 16 gigabyte nano will hold about twenty thousand songs.

In Closing

Would highly recommend this product to anyone that is looking into buying a mp3 player, its easy to use and a great buy !