The Luck Of The Irish

Classic Saint Patty's Day Music

Here's an article for the Irish and for the Irish at heart. A story about a guy who lives for the Irish. His hobby includes following Irish bands but then his hobby became a lifestyle which he videos Irish old school bands, Irish rock bands and now has his own blogtalkradio show under the name Dart Head Mike at blogtalkradio. Many of the musicians from the videos appear as guests on his Dart Head Mike Radio Show weekly.


Songs of Ireland and the Irish

Irish Party Music


In February 2008, DartHeadMike was hired to video live Irish bands who play throughout New York State. He travels the entire New York State to video live Irish rock bands, old school Irish bands, uploads the videos to the web and promotes the bands online and offline. Almost every weekend he travels with his video recorder to capture the live action.

Here is a list of the Irish bands Dart Head Mike video tapes weekly. Seanchai, The Unity Squad, Shilelagh Law, Black 47, Dereck Warfield, pat Floody, Tommy Flynn and the Gobshites just to name a few.

When Mike O'Connor also known as DartHeadMike started a YouTube channel for the Irish music enthusiasts, the bands asked him if he would continue to follow them to record their live shows and upload the videos to his DartHeadMike YouTube channel. Now each time he is asked to video tape a live Irish rock band, his job is to upload them to his growing YouTube channel. The DartHeadMike YouTube Channel continues to recruit new subscriptions and has become more popular. The Irish bands who want more exposure online and offline now count of DartHeadMike to help promote them.

Mike O'Conner has become a good friend and I've seen him in action recording live Irish bands and how he loves doing it. He is knowledgeable about each bands history and enjoys informing people about up coming live shows. Because of DartHeadMike's increased popularity, I felt writing an article about his true story would be of interest to any Irish enthusiasts.

If you know of an Irish band or singer who would appreciate receiving exposure, contact Dart Head Mike at DartHeadMike YouTube channel or contact him at his Dart Head Mike radio show. I'm sure he would be more than happy to hear from you.