Iron Maiden (album) Cover Art
Credit: Derek Riggs


Iron Maiden (album) 1980 By Iron Maiden

Iron maiden were part of British New Wave of Heavy Metal movement back in the early 80s they literally blew Punk out of the water by thrashing out some awesomely high energy tunes with a difference. The difference being that Iron maiden could actually play their instruments. I’ve always admired the beautiful compositions on this album, especially the shifts between raw power and melodic soundscapes. What follows is a track breakdown of what you can expect from Iron Maidens debut album.


The tracks:

Prowler Fast and heavy, great solos lots of vocal energy. I’ve never seen them play Prowler live which is a shame. I think it is equal in power to the Title track of this album Iron Maiden (Composed by Steve Harris)


Running Free, Its fun it has a lot of energy, it’s great for screaming to in clubs, or driving your car fast around winding roads one of my favourite tracks on this album (Composed by Steve Harris and Paul Di’Anno)


Remember Tomorrow A shift in tempo this track switches between slow beautiful vocals which are somewhat are melancholy to screams of pain and rage, the composition of the music is dreamlike building to crescendos of pure metal. (Composed by Steve Harris and Paul Di’Anno)


Phantom of the Opera This song is really fast, really precise. Clive Burr’s drumming on this track is amazing. It is quite a long track. I remember hearing this on a 80s Lucosade advert with Daley Thompson running like a maniac. It’s certainly a track I would want on my MP3 player if I were going for a run. It is quite a long track with several shifts in tempo. (Composed by Steve Harris)


Transylvania A fast paced instrumental track with lots of energy, lots of great guitar work. Composed by Steve Harris)


Strange World This slower paced dreamscape. It has an almost psychedelic quality a feeling if drifting. The guitars create a beautiful Melancholy atmosphere while Paul Di Anno’s gentle voice delivers a sense of sadness and wonder. (Composed by Steve Harris)


Charlotte the Harlot The track rocks, well enough, and had a beautifully affectionate vocal section part way through. I know many people will disagree with me, but I think this is the weakest link of a very strong album. Though the tender vocal section does save it for me somewhat. (Composed by Dave Murray)


Iron Maiden The title track of the album, it rocks HARD!!! So many times at maiden gigs I have been there with the crowd screaming out the lyrics. There’s something discordant, like the metal of a Guillotine scraping against its frame. The energy is High, Yet it is such a short song. Leaves me wanting more. (Composed by Steve Harris)


The single ‘Sanctuary’ was released in the UK but not included on the original EMI recording of this album.  However it was later included on the American release of the Album


Line up on Album

Lead Vocals: Paul Di’Anno

Bass and vocals Steve Harris

Guitar and vocals Dennis Stratton

Guitar Dave Murray

Drums Clive Burr