The Man Behind the Iron

A Brief Glimpse of Tony Stark

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1. The Brains of Tony Stark

Unlike most superheroes within the Marvel or DC universe, Ironman posses an incredible amount of intelligence.  Usually when  one thinks of a superhero the most common traits they posses would be something like super strength, speed, and or some kind of flying ability.  Who needs super strength when you can build a gadget, suit, or a weapon, and modify it to GIVE you super strength, speed, and the ability to fly?  Tony Stark, or Iron Man is a super genius scientist and technology guy with the brains to develop the world's most advance technology and weapons.  This ability gives him a great advantage on the battlefield be it in the stock exchange, international executive board meeting, or going head to head with the Incredible Hulk.


2. The Wealth of Tony Stark

I think it is common for a lot of superheroes in comics and movies to be either poor because they are outcasts from most of society, or they are average when it comes to finances, but it is different in the case of Iron Man.  Iron Man is on par with Batman, or Bruce Wayne when it comes to money, and he spares no expense when it comes to financing his research, technological studies, and living environment.  This amount of income allows Iron Man (Tony Stark) to found his own research and empire, and create an large range or fleet of Iron Man suites, catered towards every occasion, like space travel, underwater travel, and specializing in projectiles.


3. The Personality Tony Stark

Iron Man or (Tony Stark) is famous not only for his technological genius, wealthy company, Stark Enterprises, but by his strong, narcissistic and cocky personality.  One would think that it creates an annoying and uncooperative teammate, and it does in some cases, but it also adds to the spice of character personality diversity.  This sometime overwhelming, charismatic personality strengthens the Iron Man brand.  Tony Stark even goes so far as to publicize his secret super hero identity as Iron Man.  This is extremely uncommon for other superheroes, and most have to secretly live a double life.  In the case of Tony, or Iron Man, he wants to be known for his red and gold suite.


All in all, this nerdy, wealthy, cocky superhero has what it takes to save the comic book world.  The brains, wealth, and strong personality help Iron Man become one of the most popular comic book heroes today.

If you'd like to get a more in depth view of the other traits and powers Iron Man has, feel free to check out the Iron Man stats on either wikipedia, or on the official Marvel website.


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Take care and thanks for reading this article!





Take care and thanks for reading this article!