Iron Sky review and summary

Iron sky actors and cast

Iron SkyCredit: IMBDIron sky is the first action, sci fi, comedy to hit the big screen in a very long time. And to be 
totally honest I have no idea why! This movie delivered a hilarious premis and punchlines from  the opening scene to the last. Director Timo Vuorensola did an incredible job of mixing the obvious humor of this film with the serious and action packed plot of the movie.

Iron Sky is based on the platform that Nazi civilians were lauinched to the dark side of the moon in 1945 when they realized that they were losing WWII. And of course sense they are nazis they are evil and want to retake the Earth. through various plot twists and political statements the battle to rule the Earth wages on and may even consumethe entire planet.

The less than big name cast provided suprisingly strong performances and made their characters very believable and lifelike. The stars Julia Dietze and Christopher Kirby managed to keep their starring role seriousness with the progression of the plot yet also managed to force a laugh out of the crowd when tensions got a little too high. The antagonist of Iron Sky Wolfgang Kortzfleisch played by Udo Kier was the perfect counter weight to the comedic elements of the show. Udo plays a ruthless and murderous SS agent striving to become the moon Fuhrer and is bent on attaining revenge on the Earthlings. Udo brings this character to life using huge amounts of emotion, animation, and overall genious. This was by far the most convincing acting in the entire film and was a truly great performance.

Iron Sky also touched on many modern political issues such as humanities need to find sustainable resources and modern political volitility. The script is very up front and clearly states what the issues are and how they may affect us. From the modern day importance of re-election over serving the people to the turmoil between north Korea and the rest of the world.

All in all this movie is a well written and executed movie. It does however lack in areas such as CGI. The effects in major battle scenes was lacking somewhat and took a little bit away from the thrill of what was happening. The effects were still high quality considereing the smaller production value of this film when you compare it to most modern day blockbusters however it was not always a bad thing. It did allow you to not be distracted by "ooooh shiny things" and allowed you to look around and see more of what is actually happening on screen.

Overall I rate this movie a 4 out of 5. I recomend you go see it while you can. It is worth wuite a few laughs and makes you think about some modern political issues.