Choosing the right design, material and finishing for your staircase has a huge impact in building your dream home. Stairs are more than just functional parts of a home in today's world which gives prime to aesthetics and beauty. Staircases, whether indoor or outdoor, now act as an extra furniture or a special accent piece in any home.

While balusters and steps are the stair details which most people give attention to, do not downplay the need of choosing the best handrails for your house, especially if they are iron stair handrails which gives much flexibility and variety options for the homeowner.

Of course, you know that handrails are not just for the design of the stairs; but more importantly, they serve an indispensable purpose to the homeowners who use the stairs. In choosing the best iron stair handrails, consider the following:

Consider your theme and choose your iron stair handrails based on theme. This is done by scanning and researching on your options and by consulting with your house designer or architect. While there are hassle-free pre-fabricated options in the market, it is still best to choose based on your house's theme.

Is it classic European? Is it Mediterranean-inspired? Is it trying to achieve the Southwestern feel? Is it more of the Gothic? Or, do you fancy the scroll or forged look? Or does your house design blend well with the knuckle or twist designs?

Consider the finishing touches. Iron stair handrails usually exude more character and elegance when treated with the best finishes. Finishes could be antique bronze, antique nickel, oil rubbed bronze, oil rubbed copper, flat black, satin black, etc.

Match your chosen iron spindles or stair balusters with your staircase concept and stair tread design. There are usually interior or exterior iron stair handrail designs to choose from.

For interior, you could opt for the traditional Florentine design, the imposing Infinity design, the classic Eon design, the elegant Rosemont design or the attractive Blacksmith design.

For outdoors (or even indoors), popular designs include the Stalwart, Bowed, Twisted, Pipe Rail, Arrow, Moira, Lucid, Bella, amongst many others.