Iron without Iron - on business trips

How to handle crinkled clothes without an electric iron

If you have ever been on a business trip and found out, your next-days apparel was crumpled for some reason, you may had to deal with the “no-iron-around-problem”.

Obviously this is not a problem if your hotel offers a 24/7 laundry service, but sometimes you may be accommodated where such a service is missing and you have to handle your crumpled clothing on your own.

I would like to offer you two options to iron your clothes without an iron. These two ways provide appropriate results for light and medium crumbled clothes.

In most cases you get aware of the problem the night before your appointment, so you are able to take advantage of your first option. Here time and physics are on your side and you could deal with the problem without taking action in person.

Option A – the shower trick

  1. Make sure, you have placed your crinkled clothes clean and as plain as possible on a hanger inside the bathroom.
  2. Now make use of your hotel room equipment and take a long and hot shower to fill the whole bathroom with steam. Keep doors and windows closed during the shower for the optimal effect.
  3. After you have produced enough steam, leave your clothes inside the room and keep the doors and windows closed. The steam will soak inside your clothes and decrease the buckles.
  4. A couple of hours later you will get a pretty good result without even touching the patient.

Unfortunately, in some cases you don’t have time to get a full nights rest while your clothes are smoothed by time and physics. Here the hair-dryer comes into play

Option B – the hair-dryer trick

  1. Put down your crinkled clothes on a plain surface like your bed, desk or floor (please check for cleanness first!). If the surface of your choice is made of materials which are doing well in storing heat (i.e. metal or stone) it will increase the effect.
  2. Switch on your hair-dryer and heat up the crinkled areas one by one.
  3. Smooth the heated area by hand right after heating it up.
  4. Repeat Step 2 and 3 until you get an appropriate result.

Tip: To improve the result, you also can combine both methods. Steam your clothes and use the hair-dryer to speed up the process of drying while smoothing the crumpled areas.

Please note, that these methods do their job, but can’t compete against a flat iron in gifted hands. So make sure to use these methods only for light and medium wrinkles.