Space saving options in small areas is often hard to find. Whether you have plenty of room to leave things out in the open or very little room that must be flexible in its uses, space savers are a great way to hide unsightly messes from company or simply to make room for your next project or chore. Many times, with smaller houses being built and larger families being made, some rooms in your house must serve dual purposes. Dining rooms are shared with computer space, craft rooms become guest rooms – the arrangements are endless. In some cases, laundry rooms must be made into an alternative roomIroning Board in a Drawer as well. And when it does, the hamper needs moved, the soap needs put away and the ironing board must be hidden. Many new varieties have been developed since our mothers were ironing our clothes a decade or so ago. They now fold invisibly into walls, under tables or in closets. Another great way to hide these sometimes large, bulky necessities is to put them in a drawer.

An ironing board in a drawer does exactly that. It hides your ironing board when not in use and makes room for other things, whether guests or furniture, in a room that would otherwise be too small, or is simply needed for other uses. A cupboard that would otherwise be holding a "junk drawer" or is just sitting there collecting dust can now be put to good use. There are two ways to have one of these ironing boards in your home. You can either make one yourself from plans for sale online (or ones that you develop yourself) or install a prefabricated one that can be purchased online or in most home improvement stores. Buying an ironing board in a drawer already made and ready to be installed is an easier option for those with no building or creative experience, but they can be a little pricier than some people wish to pay while still keeping within a reasonable range. It is really simply a matter of convenience and what one is willing to do for the commodity. Making one yourself can give you the satisfaction of a job well done or simply give you complete control over exactly where it will go and what it will look like when it is finished.

Whether your ironing board in a drawer is bought ready to install or custom made by you to fit your personal space, the results are the same. Convenience, space, and clutter free walk space in rooms that would otherwise be full of infrequently used items and completely useless for other purposes. The ironing board in a drawer is stored inside a cupboard until ready to use and slides out when needed. When the drawer is opened, the ironing board folds out and come to rest on the counter so that it can be used as it normally would to iron clothes. Other versions of the same ironing board can feature a swivel element so that it swivels out and to the side when it is pulled out of a hidden compartment in the cupboard that is simply camouflaged as a drawer. A cover can be placed on the ironing board, either purchased or custom made, before it is put into the drawer (so that it is always ready for use) or put in place when it is pulled out and ready to be used. The cover is commonly used even on regular ironing boards and is a great addition to the ironing board in a drawer.

When small spaces are the cause of an always cluttered laundry room or you simply want to keep unsightly items hidden out of sight when company is coming, an ironing board in a drawer is a great investment. They save space in the room itself and put to use cupboard compartments that would otherwise go to waste. Installation for a prefabricated ironing board is fairly simple and worth the price if you are looking for convenience and space. No matter what your space dilemma is, there is an option for everyone. The ironing board in a drawer blends with any interior design look, whether contemporary or classic style, is always exactly where you left it (no more misplaced essentials) and is never broken from misuse or misplacement. The ironing board in a drawer is a wonderful alternative to the classic ironing board that our mothers have been using for decades, and is a great addition to any household.