Strategized Friendliness

Honestly, sometimes you have to be cruel to be kind, but not always. And sometimes, some strategizing goes a long way and takes tedious procedures. Our lives can be monopolized by well-intended friendliness of others that in a larger extent, somehow turns annoying on our part. It can be a delicate balancing act to be friendly but to also maintain your own privacy.

Well, getting acquainted to anyone nice but a too friendly person can get into our nerves sometimes and somewhat interfering. How could we possibly say no politely to their kind offers, and or let’s say try to evade them when we have something else to do howbeit know that they would start to initiate a rather long and extraneous conversation that certainly takes a long time consumption? Now you’re afraid to go outside the house like going to school, buy groceries, or anything that allows the chances that you might get across them along the way. These tips are the following:

  • Set time limits at the onset. If you are invited over, accept the invitation with the “proviso”, and that you'll need to leave promptly at such and such time. Then, about 10 minutes beforehand (yes, it takes that long to politely extricate yourself!), begin making leaving noises. 
  • Just say you have something to do and you will do whatever they ask another time. And keep saying this and it will work. But once in a while you will have to take notice or get along with them whilst setting a concealed distance and time limit; otherwise they will probably get what you’re doing and think you are rude. If you avoid these sorts of contacts with them, you'll soon earn a reputation as 'standoffish'-- not a good thing and surely leaves a bad taste to the mouths of everyone and to yourself as well. But if you set limits, you'll soon teach those who have nothing better to do like what they’re unconsciously fond of, that your time is your own and not theirs.           
  • If you are hijacked with such an offer that appears to be pricey like an elegant food for example, decline with the excuse that you have already had lunch, but perhaps a glass of tea? Again, let them know that you have a commitment afterwards and you'll have to excuse yourself.  
  • OR, you could always try to tell them that you haven`t been feeling well lately, and you`ve got a doctor`s appointment in a week`s time. After a week, tell them your doctor is puzzled and referred you to a specialist. In two weeks time, tell them the specialist sent you for all sorts odd X-rays , MRI`s , blood tests , EKG`s., etc. In a month`s time tell them the doctors have found you have a very hideous, contagious, life-threatening disease and you`ll be on treatments for some time to come. By that, they won`t be able to get far enough away from you. Now that would be hilarious. Just pray that your faking wouldn’t turn out to be real. But what are the odds? Maybe 5 over a hundred perhaps. In other words, that would be safe. You may also try to fake that you got Coprolalia (swearing vocal tics tourette’s syndrome) while you are with them and then excuse yourself saying that you forgot your medication. 5 minutes of nonstop swearing should convince the person that approaching you isn’t such a good idea.

But nothing can be much easier if you just try to be nice and tell them honestly. Though you may try the “other way” or the last mentioned and see for yourself whether it’d work if the conventional ways appear to be ineffective and hopeless, for it mainly varies to the type of person you’re dealing with. So, good luck!