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  • The new names for the characters and places in the movie are hilarious: Aro is Daro, Alice is Iris, Jasper is Jeremiah, and Forks is now Sporks.
  • The movie has a couple of really funny actors, like Crista Flanagan from "Mad TV" and Ken Jeong from The Hangover.
  • If you've seen the movies, some of the jokes are really hilarious.


  • Some of the humor is too over the top.
  • They left out some good scenes from the Twilight movies, like when Bella is followed by some shady men in Port Angeles, and when Bella goes on a movie date with Jacob and Mike.
  • If you haven't seen the movies, the jokes won't make much sense.

Full Review

Vampires Suck, released on August 18 of this year, is a spoof on the first two movies that make up the The Twilight Saga. Personally I found Vampires Suck to, well, suck. While some of the humor had me laughing, most of it was a little over the top. The name changes were great: The Cullens are now the Sullens, Bella Swan is Becca Crane, and Jacob Black is Jacob White. The movie starts off pretty good by making fun of the cafeteria, biology class, and forest scenes... which were already somewhat cheesy to begin with in Twilight. In the biology scene, Becca walks into biology class where a fan blows her scent towards Edward Sullen. With a disgusted look on his face, he plugs his nose and holds his breath. She smells herself to try to understand what his problem is. When she looks back at him, he is wearing a bio-hazard suit and still looks disgusted. Another great scene was the forest scene, which is when Bella tells Edward she knows he's a vampire. But instead of saying "vampire" when Edward tells her to say what he is out loud, Becca says (very seriously) "a Jonas Brother." That part had everyone in the theater cracking up. However, as the movie progressed, the humor started becoming a little ridiculous. For example, Jacob turns into a chihuahua instead of a werewolf, and to fight off the vampires, the other werewolf boys do a pretty cheesy dance. While I found some of this to be too ridiculous, others probably would find it funny.

In Closing

Overall, I'd say this movie is worth renting for cheap if you are looking for a ridiculous movie to just make you laugh. I wouldn't go see it in theaters or spend 4 bucks to rent it, though. And I'd only watch it if you are actually familiar with the Twilight movies or books, because otherwise all of the jokes won't make sense or be funny to you.