Most people just don't believe that it is possible to make money online with affiliate marketing. A large chunk of these non-believers are people who have never been involved with the Internet as a business. These people work in various other industries. Most of them have tiresome jobs and some are even unemployed. There is another group of people with similar viewpoints. These people are those that have tried to make money online and failed.

So what are these first group of people thinking? It is so understandable. We have always been taught that there is no such thing as a get rich quick scheme. We have also been taught that the way to success is through hard work. We have seen those late night infomercials and laughed and we have shook our heads in disapproval when our friends tell us about some new hare-brained multi-level-marketing program that they have recently joined. Well, these folks are not that off the mark. There is really no such thing as a get rich quick scheme short of getting attention on a reality show but even that requires careful branding and management.

But these people are missing a huge point. When the rules that they follow were made, there was no such thing as the Internet. They fail to see the true power of the Internet and that is to break all ties to the brick and mortar world. So they are wrong when they think that you cannot make money online. It requires a lot of hard work and education. You have to learn the ropes and that requires time but it is certainly possible to lead a cubicle free life.

So having said that, we can now take a look at the second group of people. These guys are the complete opposite of the first group. These guys have bought into the promises and taken the bait hook line and sinker. They thought they could actually make a fortune online and do it all sitting on the beach sipping a cocktail and when they couldn't make money, they thought that it was impossible.

So what does one do when they first decide to start making money online? Well, they follow a familiar pattern. They sign up for a free blog and start writing some random articles. They don't engage in any keyword research or if they do, they buy the Google data and treat it as gospel. Then they publish their articles and expect their bank accounts to start growing magically.

What they don't realize is that there are certain rules and regulations to be able to make a living online. This is because they have ignored the learning curve. They completely overlook the importance of keyword research and keyword testing. It takes time to test out keywords. You have to pick out a set according to your niche and then test it to see the traffic potential. This takes time and effort.

So is it really possible to make money online? Well, there are people who are super affiliates. They make more than $10,000 a month. Some even make thousands of dollars a day so it is indeed possible. No one will tell you exactly how to do it for free. The key is to try different methods and see what works for you.