Affirmative Actions laws have had some negative aspects to the system since it was first enacted. Fortunately, affirmative action has been overall a great program to help give an equal leg up to women and minorities. In many areas now whites are becoming the minority which begs the question Is Affirmative Action Still Needed?

Assuming that white males are becoming a minority should we now do away with Affirmative Action as the law has proved to be beneficial but no longer needed? Do we keep using the Affirmative Action laws but instead divert them on a regional basis to the true minorities whoever that may be. Should we keep Affirmative Action but only for certain impoverished cultures in our Country such as some of the Navajo and other Indian tribes that are struggling?

The answer is not simple. I do not have the answer only questions. If we use affirmative action as it was intended to help minorities then what do we do with the Affirmative Action laws when Caucasians become the minority. If use the rule of law then the Affirmative Action laws would obviously apply to white people when they become a minority. If we apply the Affirmative Action laws to white people if and when they become a minority then will it hurt the people who were formerly minorities such as women and black people?

Should we do away with the Affirmative Action laws? Do we still have a need for the Affirmative Action laws? If we do still have a need for them then how should they be applied in the modern business world? Is affirmative action even fair for non minorities? If whites males become minorities in our country would the affirmative action laws be repealed or altered?

The Affirmative Action laws have helped many people out. Affirmative Action laws have encouraged business to hire minorities. Affirmative Action have been very beneficial in giving minorities an equal chance at a position or job that was historically held by white males. Because of the Affirmative Action laws we have had many minorities get jobs that then went on to do great things such as medical research, helping the poor, and raising and or donating a lot of money to charitable organizations.

If the Affirmative Action laws are repealed when white males are the majority will it have an effect on all people? I don't believe it will. At that point all people ill be, or at least should be on equal ground.

There will always be business owners who do not want to hire females or blacks, or even whites but as a whole doing away with the Affirmative Action laws if and when white men become the minority is a fair and ethical way of dealing with the situation. In theory we will no longer need the Affirmative Action laws when white men become the minority in our country. You could apply the Affirmative Action laws to white men at that point but I believe that would be stupid.