Many savvy consumers who travel semi-regularly think about purchasing an annual travel insurance policy. Why is this? Traveling is quite expensive, whether it is for family vacations of business trips. Think of all the costs that are usually prepaid. Airfare and lodging alone can often add up to thousands of dollars. All-inclusive travel packages are becoming even more popular and they often include the price of entertainment and food. Traveling is exciting but a sickness or bad weather can ruin everything and cost the traveler a pretty penny. Travel insurance changes all this. There are several things you need to know before purchasing one.

For one, be sure to purchase your annual travel insurance policy online. Be wary if you go through a broker. They are almost always compensated on commission. Many will use high pressure sales tactics to get customers to sign up for coverage they don't need. They frequently will not price shop either and instead recommend the company that offers the fattest sales percentage. In contrast, shopping for travel insurance online is quite easy. A quote should only take a few minutes to get. Plus you don't have a salesman breathing down your neck.

Be sure to get the exact details on what exactly you are covered for. Many travel insurance policies require a doctor's note. So definitely get one if you feel sick. Also what qualifies as "bad weather" really varies from firm-to-firm and policy-to-policy. Heavy rains in Florida might not qualify you because your company may only consider a hurricane to be enough to qualify. There are people out there who are feel exploited because they canceled their trip only to find out that they did not qualify for the full reimbursement because of various details. You definitely want to avoid this situation as much as possible.

You should also consider what type of traveler you are. If you get sick frequently, it is probably a good idea. Also if you tend to make big, expensive trips. But if you go on lots of small trips and aren't that sensitive to the weather, you might want to reconsider. Get insurance quotes from a few sites and compare how much you typically spend on traveling every year.