According to CBS, news, the baby Yoga video is real.  The video showed Lena Fokina, a 50-year-old Russian, who lives in Egypt tossing and swinging a 2-week-old baby in the air.   I actually got dizzy just watching the video.   I could not imagine how that 2-week-old baby felt. I do not even want to go on a roller coaster or a ferris wheel. It was awhile when I was a child before I would ride in a bumper car.  Although I did like that after I tried it.    Lena states that the baby is now 2-years-old and is doing fine.  I noticed that music was playing in this video.  There was no way to find if the baby was crying, because all I could hear was the music.  

 I recall a time when it was unheard of to take your baby to learn to swim.  Now there are classes for mother and baby. Maybe swimming is not the same thing as tossing a baby in the air.  Will it every become a norm in the United States?  I wonder.

Photo credit: dee from  Father and Baby in the pool

Apparently, certain Russians think that it is okay.  This is part of an accepted culture there.   According to Meredith Melnick of,  one mother stated, “I wanted the best for my daughter,” says my friend Ivan, whose baby-swung his firstborn after hearing about it in a Moscow birthing class.”  In addition, she stated, “She started walking early, swimming early, I really think it worked.”  Then again, what is early?   Is early 1 month, 6 months, or a year?  Apparently, it has worked for this mother and others.  There have not been any known casualties reported from this type of yoga in their country.

I guess I could not imagine swinging my 2-week-old up in the air.    I know there are various other types of Yoga in the United States such as the Yoga DVD by Shiva Rea. “Mama & baby Yoga.   She rocks and cradles the baby, but does nothing like swinging the baby in mid-air. 
An exclusive interview is with Lena Fokina. This exclusive interview is by Nathan Thornburgh at . He wanted to know if this yoga is uniquely to Russia.  Lena clearly stated, “It is for all young children.” 

Not all cultures are the same.   While seemingly some are embracing baby yoga, others may question whether it is safe.  Although this baby yoga is not the United States culture, this does not necessarily mean that it is wrong.   

The Doctors Television Show commented on Baby Yoga.  Some of their comments were that it is a form of child endangerment.   They further stated that it could cause possible brain damage.  That is alarming to hear.  I tremble when I think of the number of babies that die from “Shaken Baby Syndrome.”  Parents have different values and ideas of how to raise their children.  When this does not agree with the laws of that country, then there is a problem. Abuse still exits today.   Many children never graduated from school, nor received an education.  That changed with the child labor laws.  Up until that time, it was acceptable for young children to work. 

Lena teaches Baby Yoga to other parents.  As I watched the baby swinging in the air, I thought about the many babies that have died after shaking to death. The tossing of the baby in the air,   reminded me of how children toss their dolls in the air.   I observed that the baby was crying in this video.   I wonder was the baby afraid?  The baby's neck appeared was moving a lot.    At 2-weeks old, my babies were not holding their own heads up.  I noticed the baby’s head wobbling while swinging through the air.

I was a little uncomfortable watching the video, because it made me think of the possible dangers of what she was doing.  I thought, “What if   she dropped the baby while swinging the baby in the air? That was a major concern for me.  I cannot imagine dropping the baby on the head.   I cannot imagine the baby dying because of dropping the baby.   It is something that no one wants to think will happen to him or her.   My doctor told me to support the baby’s head and neck.   There was no support for this 2-week-old‘s neck or head.   In addition, the holding of the baby upside down, allows the blood flow to rush to the head.     According to the doctors on the Doctors TV show, it could cause damage to the brain. I also observed in the Baby Yoga Controversy video no music was playing.  I could clearly hear the baby crying.    This video is   at the doctors TV video library.    Baby Yoga Controversy is the name of the video.  You must see this.
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