Are you wondering whether your Bacterial Vaginosis is contagious and if you've passed it on to your partner? Well Bacterial Vaginosis (BV) is not a sexually transmitted disease (STD) but it is a form of vaginal infection which can be treated. And while there are no reports of men suffering from Bacterial Vaginosis, we don't exactly know what symptoms a man would have, due to the obvious biological differences – well, they don’t have a vagina, right? If you think about the high rate of re-occurrence then it's safe to assume that Bacterial Vaginosis is in fact contagious. Whether or not your partner contracted BV, there is likelihood that your sexual partner could in fact re-infect you.

Whether or not you are transferring the infection back and forth, you do need to free yourself from this irritating and embarrassing condition so that you can have complete peace of mind and a healthy sex life. The 3 Day BV Cure from Kristina J. Tomlin has worked wonders for many women all around the globe and the 8 week guarantee that comes along with it makes it all the more trustworthy.  

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To be perfectly clear, not even doctors are completely sure whether you can catch Bacterial Vaginosis from a sexual partner.  With no hard evidence available to prove or disprove it, there is definitely a possibility that your sexual partner can act as a 'carrier' of this bacterial infection.

Scientists have no conclusive data what sets off this overgrowth of bacteria in the vagina. It could be related to a poor diet; it could be related to the products you use on your body like feminine sprays and body wash, and it could be related to poor body hygiene. In recent years, there is a growing consumer awareness regarding the internal agents that have been placed on the market.  Scented tampons and deodorant douches are no longer widely accepted, particularly those that don't hold natural ingredients.

BV sufferers know all too well the pain, unpleasantness, irritated skin, fishy odor and dismay at trying repetitive remedies that haven't worked.

If you're concerned that your BV is contagious, it might be wise to have protected sex (with a condom) until you're sure you've eliminated the infection. This should continue for a period of time after the BV has passed, so that if your partner is carrying the infection you will not catch it all over again.

BV, with its sexual connotations is often a source of shame since people may assume it's a STD. BV is not a sexually transmitted disease. Because of this negative connotation, women would rather eliminate the infection and continue living their lives normally, not worrying if Bacterial Vaginosis is contagious or what will their partner say.

In treating BV, perhaps best of all are the natural remedies which allow the vaginal area to regain its natural balance of protective bacteria.  Luckily, ridding yourself of BV doesn’t have to be a long or intensive process. It only requires natural home remedies with friendly ingredients that you probably already have in your kitchen cupboard.  In this manner, the woman’s body is enabled to retain its vaginal health without creating chaos with antibiotics, effectively ridding yourself and your partner of this problem relatively quickly. The 3 Day BV Cure from Kristina J. Tomlin has proved to be effective for a great number of women. Since it comes with an 8 money week moneyback guarantee, there is little to lose. Whatever you choose to do, don’t ignore this problem or it can grow out of proportion.