Everyone wants to be rich but only some succeed. why?

Can you really think and grow rich?

Becoming rich is the ambition of every human being. In fact, one of the first things that a child learns as it grows up is the value and importance of money. While a child born in a rich family may not have a chance to know about the importance of money until after it grows up to a certain age, unless its parents make a conscious effort to teach about the subject, a child born in a poor or even middle class family will have occasions even in its early stages of learning to perceive things, to understand that the most important thing needed to lead a comfortable life in this world is called 'Money.' So, logicaly, a person born to poor or middle class parents should have realized the need to become rich and should have been motivated even at a younger age. But in reality, only the first of these two things happens but the second doesn't.

Though children learn about the need for us to develop the skills needed to become rich, most of them feel helpless, many of them even becoming worried that they might not be able to succeed in becoming wealthy. This happens because the task of becoming rich rather than being seen as exciting is perceived as daunting. As the children from the not-so-rich families watch their parents struggling to raise the mony from time to time, they start feeling difident. 'If my parents who are much bigger and wiser than me can't make enough money, how can I?' could be the thought syndrome driving the children to a feeling of helplessness, anxiety and fear.

Does this mean that a person born poor has an inherent and in-built handicap that prevents him or her becoming rich? It may appear to be so. But it is not. If our life were to be governed by our childhood feelings, then we would never grow up in a real sense. So, in reality, many of us are able to come out of the limitations unconsciously imposed by us either by others or by  our own thinking and to achieve great things.

The reason for many people not being able to succeed financially is not that they can't but that they won't. The fact is that many of us find it convenient to confine ourselves within the limitations imposed on us by our own thinking either consciously or unconsciously so that we don't have to strive for improving things. The natural inclination of human beings is to be relaxed. I am not using the term 'laziness' out of my reverence for my fellow human beings! We delude ourselves that we can't do anything about becoming rich. We sometimes blame the fate or even our parents for having not built us an empire so that we could have enjoyed life in relaxation and comfort!

To return to the question posed in the title, the reason for everyone not becoming rich is their own lack of will. The answer to the second question, 'Can you really think and grow rich?' is, obviously, a resounding 'Yes.'