Have you heard of Bidvertiser? If not, that is okay, they are one of the biggest and most similar ad network to that of AdSense. Making them one of the best AdSense Alternatives out there. Working in the similar way they provide ads for the publisher to place on there site and for the advertiser they provide a place to buy valuable traffic from the networks clicks.

Bidvertiser - A Good AdSense Alternative

Recently I got asked the question from a reader, Is Bidvertiser a Good AdSense Alternative?

Below is my best answer...

While AdSense is one of the best ppc networks online, for some reasons many may not be eligible for the program or they may have gotten there account disabled. This is terrible news, but not the worst news. As I know AdSense is a great earner and converts well.

But please bare with me, one can still make a great living online still, do not worry, with or without AdSense. There is affiliate marketing, not to mention other ad networks similar in nature to there program. One such recommended network is Bidvertiser.

The main reasons I recommend Bidvertiser as a good AdSense alternative is because the ads convert great in specific niches and Bidvertiser categorys. Not only that you can configure the ads as a publisher to open up in new window meaning you do not lose your website or blog visitor. And to add even more they pay via Paypal with a minumum earnings threshold of $10 or more. Also and lastly another great feature to there network is they allow the publisher after being with them for a while to choose the minimum advertiser spend per click, so enabling the publisher to earn more per click as well.

Bidvertiser is also completely configurable in ad look, has new features such as affiliate conversion sharing, basically said sharing profits of affiliate banners that are used in the ad network when they are clicked on your site with you as well as a pay per click value as well. You can earn on two fronts. They also have a pop under feature as well, completely optional as i know many do not like pop ups at all, so this can be turned off.

One more reason, oh yeah, they have a kickass referral system where the publisher is rewarded for getting new advertisers to the program as well and good publishers. Overall they are a great alternative anyone can try. Many online webmasters even claim to earn more from Bidvertiser than AdSense, while your testing could be different this is inspiring for some web owners.

The last piece of information, I can say and give is if you do need an Alternative to AdSense, then Bidvertiser is definetely worth a good try on your blog or website.

Above is a Video by me, giving some more good points on Bidvertiser and how you can use it to make money online.

How to Add Bidvertiser Ads to A Website or Blog?

In the above video it shows how to quickly and easily add some Bivertiser ads to a website or blog quickly and easily, after signing up for the program.

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