Bubblews is a relatively new site where you can write short messages and get paid for the number of views, likes, comments you get on them. You don't need an Adsense account, the payout threshold is $25 and everything seems wonderful. So people may wonder if Bubblews could take over web 2.0 websites like InfoBarrel.

1. Too Good to Be True?

Posts are quick to write. Some popular posts are not even written in proper English. You are paid for likes, comments, ... so good that I even wondered if Bubblews was not a scam. After looking on the internet, I found contradictory statements (some saying it was a scam, some saying it was not) but after a while, I found a review by the authority writer Danielle McGaw. 

I have a big respect for this writer and I know how hard she works. No way she would promote any kind of scam. So I decided to try it myself and I can say too that Bubblews is not a scam. Simply be careful not to ask for likes, share or pay for traffic and Bubblews will pay you.

2. What About InfoBarrel?

If you don't know InfoBarrel, I am happy you came here. InfoBarrel is THE place to be as a web 2.0 writer. The community is great (check the forum if you want), the share of the revenue is higher than anywhere else on the web. Not 50% like most sites, not 60% but more than 75%! If you take part in the contest that takes place every month, you can go up to 90% of the revenue.

Also, this place is improving all the time. A recent change made InfoBarrel available to people who don't have an Adsense account (in the settings you can choose to get revenue from InfoBarrel directly) and this is just an example of the constant work of the admins.

Bubblews VS InfoBarrelCredit: logos of the website

3. So Is Bubblews an Alternative to InfoBarrel?

No, I wouldn't say so. I believe it would be a big mistake to focus on Bubblews only. Recently, Google severely punished  Squidoo for the poor quality of some of the articles written there and it will probably won't be long before Google stops liking Bubblews either.

This means that Bubblews either will have to improve the quality requirements of the posts or live with the fact that they won't rank high in a Google search. The second option is more probable but you are then missing some traffic if you write at Bubblews instead of InfoBarrel.

Imagine the difference between ranking first with a proper InfoBarrel article and being on the second page with a 3 lines bubblews. Which one will people read?

4. No Hope For Bubblews?

Yes, there is! Bubblews is a good site to write some small posts and get money for it. So you can use it in three different ways:

- as a time filler when you are taking a writing break or if you want to say something but cannot gather enough information for a full article

- as a backlink website. You can write your full article at InfoBarrel and then link to it at Bubblews (be careful though that IB is now recommending against too many backlinks)

- as a paying twitter. If you want to share your thoughts in a short message, why not get paid for it?


I have absolutely no worries about the future of InfoBarrel and I wouldn't think of Bubblews as an alternative to InfoBarrel. Both sites are filling two different purposes and they can be used in paralell or even together (as backlinks).

If you are not yet a member of InfoBarrel, please consider joining. Again, this website is great, and you will not find a higher revenue share elsewhere.