Is Bubblews legit

I found Bubblews in mid April 2013.  I saw a lot of people were writing for the website and that got me interested in writing for the site.  I already write articles and post photography to several websites so I wanted to make sure Bubblews was worth my time.  I did some research on the website to see the rules.

The rules were pretty straight forward.  Don't cheat the system, no pornography, no plagiarism and nothing illegal.  Nothing on the site threw up any red flags until I read how the website pays you.  You get paid 1 cent for every view, 1 cent for every like and 1 cent for every comment someone makes on your content.  Is Bubblews a Scam?  That’s what I started thinking.  I went to Google and searched and I found a large number of people who said that it is not a scam website.  A few people said they had not been paid but I figured these were people who probably broke the rules.  So I signed up and wrote a few articles.  Articles on Bubblews only have to be 400 characters long so it is not very hard to write an article.  You can write about anything you want.  You can simply write about how your day has been or what you plan to do for the rest of the day.  Writing about your day might earn money in the short term but no one is going to find your content through searching unless your content has some sort of search value.  Writing short guides and tips is what seems to bring in the best revenue. 

I started seeing my earning come in quickly.  In a matter of minutes I had 20 cents.  So I wrote a few more articles and I reached my limit of 10 articles for the day.  I decided I didn’t want to put more effort into this site if Bubblews is not going to pay me.  I wrote a few articles each day and marketed them on social networks.  On day 8 I had reached the half way point.  I had reached 13 dollars. I started really working on articles and marketing them. After 11 days I had hit the pay threshold of 25 dollars.  I hit redeem and now it was time to wait.  Now was the time I would find out if Bubblews is a scam or not.

I waited 3 or 4 days and had no sign of any payment.  I started looking around and realized I had made a mistake.  I put the wrong Paypal address in.  I sent an email to the company with my corrected Paypal account and my Bubblews username.  A day later the payment showed up in my Paypal.  Next to the 25 dollar payment from Bubblews was a warning that the money would clear in about 6 days.   While waiting for the funds to clear I managed to get another 25 dollars and I hit the redeem button.  The first cash out cleared and I was 25 dollars richer than I was earlier.  I knew then that Bubblews is not a scam.  I have since written 190 articles and made over 100 dollars in my first month.  I have been getting 5 to 10 dollars each day with 4 pay outs so far and money in my bubblews account.  I can tell you first hand that Bubblews is not a scam and they will pay you if you follow the rules.  At my current rate I think I can clear 300 dollars next month if I put a little more effort into it.  If you follow the rules of the website they will pay you.  If you try to abuse the system you will not be paid.  That doesn’t make the website a scam site.  Still think Bubblews is a scam? Check out this picture.


Bubblews Proof of Earnings

Bubblews proof of earnings
Credit: Jared Davidson

This screenshot was taken shortly after I started writing for Bubblews.

Bubblews proof of earnings.

Bubblews Earnings
Credit: Bubblews

Bubblews earnings 2014

I am still earning a decent amount in 2014.  I do not write for Bubblews like I did when I first started.  I usually write about 10 articles a month and I am earnings around 50 to 100 dollars a month from the website.  I definitely recommend giving Bubblews a try,