Let me just tell you upfront that there is money to be made writing online. People always ask me is Bukisa a scam? I can tell you right now up front that from my personal experience that the writing website is legit. I make just as much money online each month from Bukisa than from some more notable places like Associated Content and eHow. There are many places out there to earn a legit income and pull in some extra money if you just take a look around and have some faith.

What would make many people think that Bukisa is a scam? Well for starters the pay is a whole month behind and that causes people to worry upfront that they aren't gonna get their money. All the same Bukisa has paid me at the beginning of each month and the amount of money has gone up each month as well. I recommend it for anyone looking to earn some extra income on a monthly basis writing online.

Another reason that many people probably think that Bukisa is a scam is because of the downline revenue sharing system and members spamming their join link on other websites such as eHow and Associated Content. The shared revenue model immediately makes one think of some form of pyramid scheme which couldn't be further from the truth in my opinion. I think the individuals spamming their join link are probably the worst thing because it makes others think it's a scam.

The thing that online writers need to keep in mind is that at Bukisa you make money from page views. That means you need to get a good search engine ranking in order to make some serious money. At times the articles seem to have a problem indexing with the search engines and that probably would be my only complaint. The thing that is pretty cool about the site is that they have a very detailed tracking feature which allows a person to see how many views they get each day for each article and where the traffic is coming from as well.

So now you know the answer to the question is Bukisa a scam perhaps everyone at home looking to make a living writing online could give it a try. Who knows it could be that extra money making opportunity that you've been looking for to help pay the bills. Regardless I highly recommend checking it out and at least seeing what others have to say in regards to making an income online with the site.