Is Buying a Black Wedding Dress a Sign of Desperation or for funerals?

If you have seen the film 4 weddings and a funeral you might think that buying a black wedding dress is for funerals. Well no one died and why will you want to buy a black wedding dress? The idea of a black wedding dress is just not something that is main stream because white and purity is often associated with weddings. Most wedding dresses are white or a shade of white. Every now and then you will see a wedding dress in other colors but how many black wedding dresses have you seen? How many blue wedding dresses have you come across?

When there is a funeral, people often dress in black as a sign of sorrow. Weddings are often a joyous occasions and white wedding dresses have a long tradition. There are those who will want to buy a black wedding dress because they want to be different and probably because of the shock factor.

If you are paying for you black wedding dress, who is going to stop you from buying one. You mother will probably lose her mind before you wedding day but that is another story. At times if you are planning to buy a black wedding dress, people might not quickly recognize you are the bride. Remember the bride is the star of the wedding and people are always on the lookout to see that lovely white wedding dress.

That being said, a black wedding dress can be sexy if you chose the style that fits you. Not everyone can buy and wear a black wedding and get away with it. If you really want a black wedding dress, you can try out a few wedding dress to see how it fits. You should also think about the outfit of your future husband. How will you black wedding dress fit with his outfit. Will the wedding photos or pictures still look pretty?

If you really want your black wedding dress come what may, you can check out the trendy black wedding dress with V neck embroidery at for $520. That is not the cheap wedding dress out there but there are not that many black wedding dresses on sale either.

What if you are the mother of the bride and you also want a black wedding dress. As the mother of the bride you can buy a black wedding dress if you want because it not your wedding and you are not the star attraction.