When you’re running a small business, it is important to keep the costs as low as possible. The cost of starting and operating a website can amount of thousands of dollars, depending on how sophisticated your system is. If you just want a simple website that will promote your business online, then there’s no need to worry – there are affordable solutions everywhere.

First, let’s talk about web hosting. There are web hosts that charge as low as $5 per month to keep your site up and running. Understandably, you may have some concerns over the quality of service you’ll receive in a cheap service. Here’s a lowdown of what you should expect at the minimum:
•    Web interface to manage user accounts, domains, and billings
•    Unlimited MySQL database and an easy way to manage them
•    Automated installation system for common open source web applications
•    SFTP, Shell, and other methods that allow remote access
•    Log analysis and comprehensive reporting
A basic package is suitable for most uses. However, if you intend to launch a commercial website and expect to generate significant amounts of traffic, it is better to choose dedicated hosting. This will provide you with amble disk space and bandwidth to accommodate visitors. Dedicated hosting usually also comes with added services and better security.

So is it worth it to subscribe to cheap hosting?

Just a few years ago, it made little sense to choose cheap hosting because it is typically associated with server downtime, poor service, and other technical problems. However, the landscape has become more competitive since then. Subscribing to cheap web hosting can get you the same quality of service as a more expensive one.

Like anything else though, it is crucial to do prior research. There will inevitably be names that stand out in the web hosting industries – these companies would tend to charge more because of their established brand. Some companies that received consistently good reviews include Go Daddy, Host Gator, and Blue Host. If you currently cannot afford the price they’re charging, then you need to dig deeper. Look into the lesser-known names in the industry because they can also give quality service at a lesser price. The savings you can get can be as high as several thousand dollars per year.

To answer the question of whether it is worth it to subscribe to cheap hosting, the answer is a resounding YES. It is actually possible to get a decent service for just $5 a month from some companies. These plans usually include bandwidth, unlimited disk space, user accounts, and even free domain name registration already. The high level of automation has allowed a lot of firms to compete with even lower prices.

Taking your business to the next step on the internet should not be difficult or expensive. If you are new to website building, it is highly recommended for you to read up on reviews to gauge whether other users are satisfied with the quality they received from cheap web hosting.