Chocolate… everyone loves it. At the same time, everyone hears the critics talk about how unhealthy it is. Have you ever wondered if that's really true? Is chocolate really that unhealthy? Or perhaps you are the one who has heard this recent news about the health benefits of chocolate, and you wonder… Is it possible? Is chocolate really actually healthy? If so, what benefits can I get from it?

Chocolate contains a chemical called "flavenoids". These little chemicals have some nutrition in them! However, most of the chocolate we eat is processed. A lot of sugar and unhealthy chemicals are added. In some cases, this cancels out the benefits of the flavenoids. This is where chocolate gets termed as "unhealthy".

Pure, dark chocolate, though, is healthy. We can get many benefits from it! Chocolate can help lower blood pressure. Dark chocolate is recommended to do the job for this one. Just eat small amounts every day. Chocolate can also help fight tooth decay! Although when you add all the sugar that is usually involved, it pretty much cancels that out. It's still a good concept, though! Taking small amounts is a good thing!

Chocolate also is known for helping you to relax. Everyone can use relaxation! The best way it can help you to relax is by smelling it. The smell stimulates theta waves in your brain that encourages relaxation. Since it contains caffeine, eating it will not necessarily help you to relax!

Chocolate also serves as a pain reliever. Finally, we all know this one… Chocolate makes you feel good! Ever had some chocolate, and it just made you smile? Science proves that this isn't just in your head! Chocolate releases chemicals that naturally make you feel good.

So, is chocolate healthy, or is it just a myth? The bottom line is this: In moderation, chocolate can offer a many health benefits. However, it does not offer enough to justify eating large amounts just for the benefits. The best kind of chocolate to have is plain cocoa powder, followed by dark chocolate, then milk chocolate. Everyone loves chocolate - now we can eat it without feeling guilty as there really are health benefits in chocolate.