Though online dating has been an answer to the prayers of thousands of Christian singles, searching for a site to find a date can be almost as complicated as dating itself. Not only are there thousands of dating sites to choose from, such as ChristianCrush and ChristianMingle, there are nearly as many illegitimate sites trying to take your money. This does not even include the number of dishonest people on legitimate sites who are also trying to operate scams. Despite this negative information, real romances can and do happen online. Discerning truth through all this falsehood can be difficult. However, there are simple ways to protect yourself in online dating.

You should start with sites that display who is responsible for the site or who developed the site. ChristianCrush, for example, was created by a licensed psychologist with a Doctorate in Clinical Psychology. This information as well as a personal biography is easily accessible on the site. This gives a personal connection to the site as well as verifiable information on the founder. In contrast, the popular site ChristianMingle, only links to additional websites. Other clues to look for on authentic sites are links to tips regarding their member’s personal safety. ChristianCrush not only has several guidelines such as what red flags to look for when dating, but they also send out a personal email with safety advice for each new member.

Additionally, the extensive anti-harassment and anti-profanity agreement policy provided on ChristianCrush allows their members to search without needing to be concerned about viewing inappropriate material. Another sign of authenticity is a form of security logo. This signifies independent verification of the identity of the site and credit card transactions. If the logo is clicked on at ChristianCrush, you will also find a physical address. Generally, any site that does not provide a physical address either does not exist in reality or could be a scam.

Once a reputable site is found, how do you decrease the likely hood you will run into someone running a scam? Best judgment here is always prudent such as not giving too much information too early. Some sites also offer personality assessments allowing a deeper understanding of the person. For example, ChristianCrush offers a personality assessment based on the Big Five personality test used by psychology researchers the world over. The site displays the results of the test on each profile showcasing a person’s openness to experience, conscientiousness, extraversion, agreeableness and neuroticism. It takes some caution when entering the world of online dating but some common sense and a site like ChristianCrush will steer you to a safe path.