Is College Really Worth It?

There have been many people and websites that have claimed that college is no longer worth it. Most economists still agree that a college education is needed to find a good paying job, but with the current prices that students are paying for tuition, housing and books it is no wonder that so many people are asking the question. First it is important to understand that a college education is essential if you want to do something that requires that education. The main question is how much is that career worth. Some universities are charging close to a quarter million dollars for a four-year degree.

What You Are Paying For

If you decide to go to a big name school like Columbia University, Harvard or Yale you are paying for the prestige. The truth is that people who attend those colleges and do well in them will have jobs that make the money spent worth it. It is important however to understand that you are not always guaranteed to find a job that will pay you back fast. Everything depends on what your career choice is and how much you will get paid when you get hired. By getting prestige attached to your degree you are tilting the scale in your favor, but nothing is ever guaranteed.

So Should You Skip College?

Now the question that arises when talking about the cost of a college degree is if you should skip college. The simple answer is that you should still attend college and ignore those that say that college is useless. There are people who make a good living even though they never went to college or decided to leave before completing their degree. Those people are the exception to the rule. According to Education-Portal people with college degrees make an average of 38 percent more than those who did not go to college. That means that through your lifetime a college degree will pay off, so what are your options?


The cost of private colleges in many cases is well out of the reach of people, but that does not mean that they will not be able to attend college. You can look at the possibility of getting grants and scholarships. There are plenty of grants and scholarships available to people who need them especially to those that cannot afford to attend a school but have good grades or excel in extra-curricular activities. Another great option is to attend a public school which will cut the cost of college by a great deal. Some of the best universities in the country are public universities. Berkley, the University of Virginia, Michigan, North Carolina, Georgia Tech and other great names are Public universities with a lot of prestige.

Creating your Own Prestige

If you are not able to attend one of the better public universities then you should still look into others that can give you a degree. The important thing is to make sure that you create your own prestige. You need to make the most out of your opportunity because in the end when you get your degree you will be creating your own prestige. You will still earn more money than someone without a degree, and you will give a better name to the school you went to. Most people are known for what they do with their career and not for the school they went to.